S.T.E.M. Lab

Our S.T.E.M. Lab allows your child to participate in scientific experiments, building, designing, coding, and robotics – all of which help develop spatial awareness and reasoning.

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Coconut Theater

The Coconut Theater enrichment program was designed to help your child excel in Language Arts and Language Development through storytelling, play readings, and active participation.

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Second Language Library

In our Second Language Library enrichment program, we focus on introducing your child to the Mandarin and Spanish language as well as culture, vocabulary, and music, through interactive activities.

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Krem TV

Our Krem TV enrichment program helps your child develop confidence and critical thinking skills through dramatic play in our Krem TV studio, where your student can be a rising star.

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Art Studio

Our Art Studio program helps your child develop their “right brain” through artistic expression, allowing them to create, wonder, and explore their creative boundaries without limitations.

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Computer Lab

Our computer lab is designed to teach preschoolers how to comfortably navigate through a computer, smartboard, tablet, and other devices and develop his/her creative and mathematical skills.

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Creative Movement Studio

The Creative Movement Studio plays an important role in the 120 minute-per-day recommendation of active play while also allowing them to stretch both his/her body and brain.

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Physical development is another crucial part of your child’s development. A balance of stationary learning and physical learning should be the foundation for any educational program.

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Music Studio

Singing, dancing, and playing will also help fuel your child’s already blossoming imagination. By exploring different types of instruments and music, your child will build confidence and strengthen his/her memory.

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