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    Executive Director- Brenda Rhodes

    Crème de la Crème Downtown Houston opened in 1990.


    Location & Contact

    1400 San Jacinto
    Houston, TX 77002
    Phone: (713) 655-7682
    Email: Brenda.rhodes@mail.com
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Lesley Gonzalez - Director of Curriculum

    My name is Lesley Gonzalez and I am the Director of Curriculum for Crème de la Crème Downtown. I have the amazing responsibility of training our teachers in all aspects of our Program and Curriculum. Not only do I work closely with the teachers, but I am also able to visit classrooms and interact directly with the children. Watching them learn and grow is the best part of my job!

    Nakiti Walker and Gabby Certel - Director of Services

    My name is Nakiti Walker and Gabby Certel and I am the Director of Services for Crème de la Crème Downtown. I make sure our facility is always meeting or exceeding your expectations. I also make sure all safety measures are being followed by working closely with Licensing, Health, and Fire departments.

    Anahi Mendoza - Director of Administration

    My name is Anahi Mendoza and I am the Director of Administration for Crème de la Crème Downtown. I am your primary contact for any tuition billing or payment questions. I also update and maintain your family’s records and am always available to assist our Crème de la Crème team, children, and parents.

    Gina Robbins, DeAndrea Hightower - Administrative Assistant

    My name is Gina Robbins, DeAndrea Hightower and I am the Administrative Assistant for Crème de la Crème Downtown. You’ll see my smiling face every morning at the front desk. Aside from welcoming families and visitors to our school, I also support the entire team to make sure you and your child have an incredible experience at our school.

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