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Why Toddler Care Is Important

High-quality toddler care is important because it creates the foundation for toddler growth and builds a positive association with learning. Child care quality matters because the experiences a child has early in life can affect their social, emotional, and academic success later in life. When a child is a toddler, they develop essential social, motor, emotional, educational, and cognitive skills that they will depend on for the rest of their lives. There are many outstanding benefits to enrolling your child in Crème de la Crème’s toddler care and learning center in Bridgewater.

Why Your Child Will Prosper When They Attend Private Toddler Care in Bridgewater, New Jersey

When you enroll your child in Crème de la Crème’s private toddler care, they’re receiving the best of the best. Children who attend a well-established and quality child care facility often have strong language skills early in life, exhibit developed reasoning abilities, and have an overall happier demeanor. As they grow, children who benefited from high-quality child care programs have better academic outcomes and improved social skills, allowing them to more effectively pick up on social cues.

At Crème de la Crème, toddlers age 1-2 years old have activities and educational materials that are suited to their learning needs, allowing them to explore and improve their physical, social, emotional, verbal, and cognitive abilities. Lessons are constructed to help children feel successful, build self-esteem, develop problem-solving skills, and form positive friendships.

Guided by our core values, we focus on total-child learning and care, providing a solid foundation and a strong positive association with learning from an early age. When you enroll your child in Crème de la Crème’s private toddler care and learning center, the benefits include:

Developmentally appropriate activities

Quality toddler care is crucial to help young brains develop to their fullest. Toddlers need stimulating classroom environments with developmentally appropriate learning activities that meet their individual needs. Because not all children learn at the same pace, toddlers learn best from an individualized and flexible curriculum that caters to their needs.

Low caregiver-to-child ratios

Students benefit from individualized attention, and they get their needs met faster. Small-group learning is conducive to a dynamic educational experience.

Strong parent communication

We have an app that gives you access to the daily information you need. Keep updated on diaper changes, meal times, nap time, and photos of developmental milestones.

Whole-child learning philosophy

Toddlers in high-quality programs gain an advantage early on by developing and practicing their social and emotional skills, which are necessary for success later in their lives. We ensure each child’s basic needs for nourishment and safety are met before we begin instruction.


Toddler Curriculum Offered at Creme de la Creme in Bridgewater

The toddler curriculum offered at Crème de la Crème in Bridgewater is intended to meet the developing child and learner where they are in their growth. With a low teacher-to-student ratio, students benefit from more one-on-one contact with the instructor. This individualized attention helps establish a close relationship with the educator where student needs are met, teachers can better gauge their strengths, and children can improve the skills they need to develop. Toddlers learn effective communication with adults and form positive relationships based on trust and understanding. Our toddler curriculum includes:

  • Song, music, and movement
  • Outdoor play
  • Story time
  • Creative expression
  • Social interactions
Additional Benefits of Toddler Care at Creme de la Creme in Bridgewater
Regular Meals and Snacks

Food is made on site and provide students with the nourishment they need to focus on learning and have productive days. We are a tree nut- and peanut-free facility, and we remain well-informed of children’s individual needs and allergies.

Activity and Play

We understand the need for growing bodies to play. Movement and exercise are an important part of developing muscles, fine motor skills, and healthy life-long habits. We offer active play opportunities to keep your child engaged and energized.

Parent Communication

We understand that leaving your child in the care of another person is difficult. We strive to ensure that parents, caregivers, and children feel comfortable, informed, and connected. Our parent connectivity app provides you with information about your child’s day. Parents are notified about diaper changes, eating times and amounts, and nap times.


Crème de la Crème values parents, and we share information regarding milestones, so you don’t miss a thing. We have open communication with team members and provide photos of your child for you throughout the day. Our on-site cameras in common areas and classrooms ensure that your child is safe and monitored.


We use a three-step cleaning process for ultimate sanitation. Our on-site cleaning crew allows teachers to focus on education while our trained staff maintains the facility to ensure a safe environment that’s healthy for each child.

Ongoing Training for Teachers

We have a comprehensive onboarding process, with new employee orientation to help acclimate staff and ensure each child receives the best care. There are “Lunch and Learn” workshops, staff meetings, and annual in-service training days for all team members. Crème de la Crème also provides each employee with a subscription to Child Care Education Institute, an online accredited platform.

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We make it easy for parents to bring children to Crème de la Crème in Bridgewater. We’re conveniently located just past Wegman’s and serve parents in both the Bridgewater and Branchburg areas. Our toddler program builds upon skills acquired in the infant care program and provides a safe and fun environment for children to thrive. Our staff is ready to meet you, with an established drop-off routine that makes the transition easy for both parents and children.

We look forward to having you enroll your child in our private toddler care program in Bridgewater. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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