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Infant Care in Sugarloaf (Duluth), GA

2349 Meadow Church Road, Duluth, GA 30097

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Why Is Infant Care Important?

For those returning to work, infant care provides you with the means to do so. A quality infant care program will provide basic care for your infant while developing their language, motor, and social/emotional skills. Your infant will be stimulated intellectually and socially in a nurturing environment designed for exploration. Exploring the world around them will develop a sense of independence and self-confidence in your infant. A quality program also encourages your infant’s social/emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development.

At a high-quality infant care program, your child will learn how to cooperate, share, take turns, and work together through structured and unstructured activities with peers. Your child will get to see familiar faces, develop a routine, and explore the world around them while you return to work, knowing that your child’s in good hands.

How Your Child Will Grow in the Infant Care Program at Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia

Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia, provides your child with a high-quality infant care program to encourage growth through sensory stimulation, social interactions, language acquisition, and routines. Your child will grow in the following ways at Crème de la Crème:

Sensory Stimulation

Everything your infant touches seems to go in their mouth, and that’s for a good reason. Your infant is exploring its world through its senses, and by touching, smelling, and tasting everything from new foods to new toys, your infant is learning. Crème de la Crème’s infant care program offers your child various sensory experiences through art, music, and physical activities.

Social Interactions

Your infant will interact with our caring staff and other infants in the infant care program. These social interactions will help your child develop social skills, build friendships, and learn to trust others. Your infant will also gain a sense of self-confidence and self-awareness through social interactions with peers. The social interactions at Crème de la Crème can also help reduce any anxiety associated with leaving your infant with a babysitter or family member.

Language Acquisition

Your infant will quickly go from babbling to one-word utterances to complete thoughts within the first year of life. Crème de la Crème’s infant care program encourages language acquisition through social interactions, access to quality print materials, and storytime activities. We help your child’s language development by surrounding them with language experiences throughout their time with us.


Establishing routines is important to your child’s sleep habits and nutritional needs. While we know infants have their own schedules for diaper changes, sleeping, and eating, we also help guide these activities into a routine. Routines can help your child develop better skills for listening and following directions and help you out at home when the routines carry over for naptime and meals.


Infant Care in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia

Crème de la Crème’s infant care in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia, offers a top-notch, age-appropriate curriculum with hands-on activities and experiences to help your infant develop and grow into a ready-to-learn toddler. Curriculum elements include:

  • Body awareness
  • Language acquisition
  • Motor control activities
  • Social/emotional interactions

Crème de la Crème provides a clean, safe, and supervised environment to give your child the space to explore while stretching their bodies and minds. This exploration helps develop the social and academic skills necessary for a successful future.

Why Send Your Infant to Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia?
All-Inclusive Tuition

Your child’s tuition at Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia, covers everything they will need during their time in our care. You no longer have to remember to grab a new box of wipes or diapers on your way out the door in the morning. You also won’t be asked to chip in on snacks or meals. The tuition at Crème de la Crème covers the following:

All diapers, wipes, and diaper creams
All linens, such as bibs, bedding, washcloths, and sleep sacks
All snacks and meals for children on table food
All milk for children over 12 months of age

Teacher-to-Student Ratio

We pride ourselves on our low teacher-to-student ratio of just 1-4. This low ratio means your child will receive more individualized attention and one-on-one learning experiences in our care.

Connectivity App for Parents

Crème de la Crème uses a connectivity app to keep parents in the loop throughout the day. Our app informs you of diaper changes, feeding times and amounts, and naps in real time. Our staff will also share photos of your child at play or notes about any milestones your infant reached that day.

Security and Safety

We use eagle-eye cameras throughout our facility to help keep your child safe. Our staff is also subjected to a background check and must complete first aid and CPR training before working with your child.

Amenities and Enrichments

Your child will be exposed to Spanish and Mandarin at Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia. We believe that learning foreign languages allows your child to empathize better with and understand other cultures. Amenities at our facility include:

  • Waterpark
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer field
  • Koi ponds
  • Age-appropriate playground equipment

Trained Professionals

Our Crème de la Crème staff consists of trained professionals committed to ongoing professional development by participating in webinars, in-person training, and “Lunch and Learn” sessions to stay current on early childhood education and development findings.

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème Duluth

When you’re ready to enroll your infant, or if you’d like more information, please contact our Crème de la Crème in Sugarloaf (Duluth), Georgia, admissions and enrollment office at 678-973-4107. You can find us at 2349 Meadow Church Road in Duluth, Georgia, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for posted holidays.

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