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Why Before- and After-School Programs Are Important

A quality before- and after-school program for children is important for several reasons. A before-school program that provides educational experiences helps prepare children and gives them the needed nutrition to start off their day right. It can be an enriching experience and a way for children to center themselves before heading off to a bustling school of people and a classroom of students. A quality and structured after-school program can support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development. Giving children a constructive outlet after school can significantly improve their behavior while providing a safe environment for them to build relationships and enhance their skills.

Benefits of our Before- and After-School Program

Enrolling your child in our private before- and after-school program at Crème de la Crème offers several benefits, some of which are:

Homework Help

We provide students with added support to extend the school day and help them complete their educational responsibilities. Helping children complete their homework early establishes good study habits and frees up the evening so families can spend time together rather than worrying about algorithms and spelling tests.

Coding and Robotics

We offer children the opportunity to learn topics on robotics and how to code, subjects which may not be available in school. This helps prepare them for the future and establishes the principle that learning is fun. They can use the transferable skills they acquire, such as problem-solving and computer skills, to help them succeed in the academic environment.


We provide a stimulating and structure classroom environment where students are encouraged to focus on their tasks and learn to accept personal responsibility by working independently. We have our Crème de la Crème team available to supervise and guide students as they work.


Children have extra time to socialize with friends and build relationships with peers outside of school. The open and welcoming environment established at Crème de la Crème is conducive to helping children find the perfect balance between fun and social interactions with peers and instruction from our qualified teachers.


Why Send Your Child to a Before- and After-School Program

When you send your child to the before- and after-school program at Crème de la Crème in Ellisville, Missouri, you’ll find you have extra time to spend with family at home. While you finish your busy day at work or picking up groceries for dinner, your child will be in an enriching and safe environment with qualified people who know them. They’ll build relationships with peers and adults and build the confidence they need to help them succeed in school. Our after-school program offers a variety of social and academic opportunities.

The Crème de la Crème Difference

At our facility, children can play in an age-appropriate playground, play a round of tennis on our court, hit the gym for a game of basketball, or go bowling in our very own bowling alley. Other activities at Crème de la Crème include:

  • Modern dance
  • Culinary education
  • Art studio
  • Krem-TV
  • Library for Language Arts
  • American Sign Language
  • A S.T.E.A.M. Lab.
What's Included in the Cost of Before-and-After-School Program
A Safe and Monitored Environment

Your child’s safety and your peace of mind are our top priorities. Our classes and learning stations are monitored with cameras, and we have personnel throughout the building who are attentive to the needs of your child and have been trained to respond quickly to help students. We focus on whole-child learning and ensure that the children’s needs are met.


We bus to and from most area elementary schools. For a complete list, check our website.

Child Drop-In

When schools are closed for teacher development or vacation days and we are open, your child is welcome to come with us for an additional cost. You’ll be able to freely go about your day, complete your work, or fulfill those business obligations with the knowledge that your child is in a safe and enriching environment. Our familiar surroundings reduce child anxiety when their schedules are off.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our highly qualified teachers attend ongoing training throughout the year. They are well-versed in best practices and multiple learning styles. Team members regularly participate in “Lunch and Learn” sessions, staff meeting, and annual teacher in-service, and they are provided with a manual with built-in professional development. Faculty is provided with a subscription to Childcare Educational Institute, an online learning platform.


Our facility is conveniently located on Manchester Road, next to Bo Bueckman Ford. We have an established and easy drop-off and pick-up routine to help easy the transition for both parents and children.

Exercise for Children

At our Crème de la Crème facility in Ellisville, we have several opportunities to help children free up any extra energy and make physical activity a part of their healthy lifestyle.

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Our team at Crème de la Crème in Ellisville, Missouri, looks forward to having you enroll your child in our before- and after-school program. If you have questions about our facility or the programs we offer, please contact us.

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