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What Are the Benefits of Summer Camp?

Summer camp can provide your child with some fun and excitement, and it can also offer several benefits to your entire family. These benefits include:

Build Friendships

Summer is for hanging out with friends. Socializing with peers helps children develop life skills such as boundary setting, and sharing. It can also help them discover how to create healthy relationships with others.

Reduce Screen Time

Kids actively involved in a summer camp program have less time to sit in front of a screen passively absorbing television shows or playing video games. The reduction of screen time is coupled with increased physical activity at summer camp, leading to a double win for parents. A summer camp will get your child out of their chair and into the outdoors, exploring the world around them. Activities can include team sports, swimming, hiking, and more.

Grow and Develop

Your child will be challenged, educated, and entertained at summer camp, leading to personal growth and development. While they’re busy having fun, they’re also learning about teamwork, self-awareness, self-confidence, and problem-solving. Summer camp provides your child with a safe, nurturing environment to develop decision-making and social skills, promoting their growth, development, and independence.


Summer Camp at Créme de la Créme in Alpharetta

Our summer camp program at Créme de la Créme in Alpharetta offers your child a variety of activities and experiences. Your child is guaranteed to have fun, from field trips and family events to guest speakers and outdoor activities. Summer camp activities at Créme de la Créme in Alpharetta include:

Sports and Outdoors

Your child can participate in sports activities such as tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball at our summer camp program at Créme de la Créme. Campers will also love our playground climbing structures, kickball games, and more in the large green space available here. We also have a wide range of age-appropriate outdoor toys for everyone to enjoy. At Créme de la Créme on Haynes Bridge Road in Alpharetta, we have a state-of-the-art baseball diamond to practice hand-eye coordination and a basketball court to practice team-building skills.

Creative Movement

Créme de la Créme features a creative movement studio where your child can learn or improve their dance and creative movement skills. Moving and dancing creatively improves gross motor skills and enhances coordination as children also learn to express themselves in our creative space.


Créme de la Créme provides students with a stage to try dramatization through puppets, music, skits, and plays. Our theater program allows children to express themselves in creative ways.


Our team loves to inspire campers with S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) activities. We help campers discover the wonders of science, patterning, problem-solving, and sequencing through hands-on experiences.

Culinary Arts

Campers can discover new tastes or create favorite foods through the culinary education program at Créme de la Créme.

Water Park

The summer camp program at Créme de la Créme on Haynes Bridge Road in Alpharetta, Georgia, is fortunate enough to have our very own water park and splash pad on campus. What better way to cool off on those hot summer days than with some safe water fun?

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème Alpharetta

Children are enrolled at Camp Créme on a weekly basis, with a registration fee required to receive your child’s spot. Each week of summer camp is based on a theme, featuring activities, field trips, guest speakers, and more. Campers can select a two-day, three-day, or five-day enrollment agreement for summer camp at Créme de la Créme in Alpharetta.

Before starting Camp Créme, parents of campers will need to complete an enrollment packet, schedule, and field trip permission form. The weekly tuition is also due prior to attending summer camp. Tuition is all-inclusive, so all milk and meals are included as well as any art supplies or S.T.E.A.M. materials.

Schedule a tour to start the enrollment process for your child if you’re ready to give them the best summer experience possible at Camp Créme in Alpharetta. As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll know you’ve selected the perfect spot for your child.

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