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Summer Camp in Las Vegas (Durango Dr. & Sahara), NV

2836 S. Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89117

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Why Is Summer Camp Important?

A good summer camp offers more than just supervision for the months when school is out. It can help your child learn and grow their social skills with fun activities and unique events that capture the summer magic. Although educational and engaging, summer camp should never feel like school. Your child will want to come back again and again and experience the joy and connection of camp.

Help Your Child Grow and Learn at Crème de la Crème's Summer Camp in Las Vegas (Durango Dr. & Sahara)

With Crème de la Crème’s summer camp program, your child will further their learning and development through:


With indoor activities like bowling and gym play and outdoor amenities like various sports fields and water play areas, your child will never get bored of trying new things.


Through theater, crafts, dance, and more, your child will stretch their creative muscles and discover how to express themselves.


Expand your child’s digital fluency and critical thinking for the future with coding, robotics, and engineering programs on the latest technology.

Culinary Education

Through hands-on education, students can learn about the processes that go into their favorite foods while also discovering new tastes and cultural dishes.


Summer Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada (Durango Dr. & Sahara)

At Crème de la Crème’s summer camp program, there are nearly endless options for your child to enjoy. Our campers are encouraged to try new things under the guidance of our highly trained counselors. We offer everything from technology to art and theater, making this a great program for children of varying ages and interest levels.

Benefits of Sending Your Child to Crème de la Crème's Summer Camp Program
Field Trips

You’ll be delighted to hear about your child’s adventures at engaging and age-appropriate local attractions.

Guest Speakers

Our camp programs also include guest speakers who are often experts in unique areas, allowing your child to learn about new topics and explore potential career paths.

Family Events

Share in the magic of your child’s Crème de la Crème summer camp experience with regular family events designed to let your child’s entire support system in on the fun and learning.

Lasting Friendships

Help your child grow into a happy and healthy adult with meaningful summer camp friendships that can last a lifetime.

Personal Attention

Enjoy a teacher-to-student ratio of 1-to-18, meaning that the support your child needs to grow and prosper should never be far.

Safe and Clean Facility

We take our campers’ safety and comfort very seriously, which is why we invest in regular cleaning, security measures, and strict allergy lists to keep everyone safe.

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème Las Vegas

If you think this summer camp program may be a good fit for your child, call us at 702-970-6779 to schedule a tour. You can also learn more about our local offerings by checking out our Las Vegas (Durango Dr. & Sahara) Crème de la Crème location online.

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