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Summer Camp in Maple Grove, MN

13001 62nd PL N #6374, Maple Grove, MN 55369

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Why Summer Camp Is Important

Whether you cherish your own memories of summer camp or you’re exploring summer camp for the first time for your child, you’ll quickly see the benefits kids can gain from attending a quality program. Kids enjoy a sense of community and learn through hands-on activities at summer camp. They hone social skills like leadership and communication while developing their character and building resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility. Above all, kids who attend summer camp can make memories and friendships that will last throughout their lives.

Why Your Child Will Prosper When They Attend Summer Camp

You can expect your child to enjoy a range of benefits when you sign them up for a private summer camp program, including:

Age-Appropriate Setting

Enrolling your child in the Crème de la Crème summer camp program in Maple Grove ensures a fun-filled summer with their peers. Our traditional summer camp program is designed for kids in kindergarten and older, ages 5 to 12 years old. We also offer a junior kindergarten camp for kids entering kindergarten next year. You can rest assured your child gets the personalized attention they need while having plenty of opportunities to connect with new friends in their age group.

Optimal Blend of Fun and Learning

Since summer is all about getting outside and playing with friends, we also feature separate playground areas for different age groups, complete with age-appropriate toys and climbing structures. Overall, the integrated summer camp program expertly brings together fun, recreational activities with learning-based opportunities. A variety of field trips, guest speakers, and community events help your child learn and grow during the summer months. We weave STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) activities into fun summer programs, so the learning never stops.

Classic Outdoor Activities

Summer camp is the perfect place for kids to learn sportsmanship skills and have fun displaying team spirit. That’s certainly true of Crème de la Crème’s camp in Maple Grove, where children get to learn and experience various new and exciting sports. We offer outdoor amenities that align with the best developmental practices, all while sticking to the strictest safety standards. In addition to age-appropriate play structures, kids at our summer camp stay active, thanks to fun amenities like a tennis court, soccer field, kickball field, and basketball court.

Technology for Today's World

Our summer camp program complements sports and activities with a coding and robotics program to build the digital fluency that’s essential in the modern world. We build kids’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills through camp activities that focus on technology.


Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

It’s easier than ever for parents and caregivers in the Maple Grove area to let their kiddos make summer camp memories to last a lifetime. Our facility is accessible for families throughout the community. Whether your child attends Crème de la Crème of Maple Grove’s private kindergarten program or local schools like Basswood, Cedar Island, Greenwood, Kimberly Lane, Plymouth Creek, or one of the many other schools in the area, our location translates to a summer of fun for your child.

Summer Camp Curriculum Offered at Crème de la Crème Maple Grove

We offer a summer camp program that keeps children engaged and learning, all while having fun. Thanks to our innovative curriculum, kids develop leadership and social skills while exploring concepts like patterning, sequencing, problem-solving, and the wonders of science. Children also get to explore their creative sides.

Our summer camp curriculum includes:

  • Camp traditions, such as learning campfire songs, making s’mores, and building tents
  • Summer fitness challenge
  • Summer reading challenge
  • STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics)
  • Lego activities
  • Coding and robotics
What's Included in the Cost of Summer Camp
Activity and Play

Summer means getting active, and we offer a variety of ways to keep children engaged and exercising. Our facility features a gym and other active play areas, so kids can enjoy a wide variety of activities and release energy while learning teamwork skills and making friends.

Customizable Program Options

Our weekly tuition model makes it easy for families in the Maple Grove area to customize the summer according to their unique needs. You can sign your child up for five days per week full-time, three days per week full-time, or two days per week full-time. The summer camp program explores different weekly themes, so your child can always look forward to exciting and engaging activities.

Field Trips

We complement activities at our state-of-the-art facility with field trips around town. These educational and fun trips introduce kids to the Maple Grove community.

Ways To Stay Active

No matter the weather, kids attending our summer camp have opportunities to stay active. In addition to our outdoor amenities, our campers can enjoy an on-site bowling alley perfect for beating the summer heat indoors.

Safe and Secure Environment

Our top priority is our campers’ safety and security. Our campus security includes cameras to keep an eye on campers, staff, and visitors and ensure everyone’s safety. A biometric fingerprint scanner at the front entrance enhances security as well.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The Maple Grove, Minnesota Crème de la Crème campus includes a tennis court, gym with an indoor basketball court, outdoor basketball court, kickball field, soccer field, and bowling alley. Our facility also offers age-appropriate playgrounds.

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The team at Crème de la Crème of Maple Grove, Minnesota, is ready to welcome your child to a summer of fun. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our summer camp curriculum or the Maple Grove facility, then sign up your child for summer camp today.

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