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Before and After School Program in Westmont, IL

501 Oakmont Lane, Westmont, IL 60559

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Why Before and After-School Care Is Important

It’s important for school-age children between the ages of 5 and 13 to have a safe place to go outside of school hours. Attending a before- and after-school program ensures your child is safe and well cared for while also gaining the benefits of structured enrichment activities. Children who attend programs like ours can enjoy social time while participating in fun activities that help them learn skills, discover new interests, and relax before and after school.

Your Child Will Love Our Before- and After-School Program at Crème de la Crème in Westmont, Illinois

Here are some reasons your child will excel in our program:

Structure and Security

Security is a priority at our facility. We keep your child safe using our advanced security technology, like cameras and biometric fingerprint scanners. Your child will benefit from staying in a secure environment where our team provides supervision and structure all day.

Enrichment Activities

We provide a variety of fun enrichment activities that include games, crafts, and optional ancillary programs. Your child can develop new skills in art, music, foreign languages, and sports during their time in our before- and after-school program. These activities allow your child to have fun and unwind from school while supporting their social, emotional, physical, and educational development.

Social Time

Attending a before- and after-school program gives your child important time to socialize outside of the classroom. They can gain social skills and build friendships in our program. Additionally, interacting with younger and older children provides them with a supportive, community-centered environment.

Homework Support

Your child has time to do their homework while attending our program. They also can get help and support from our professionals or their peers during this time. This means that they finish their homework before going home for the day so they can spend quality time with their family in the evenings.


Before and After-School Program in Westmont, Illinois

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide before- and after-school amenities like:

  • Water park and splash pad
  • Foreign language learning
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Koi pond
  • Ancillary activities
The Benefits of Crème de la Crème's Before- and After-School Program in Westmont, Illinois
Optional Activities

We offer many optional ancillary activities, including martial arts, soccer, dance, tennis, and tumbling.


We have transportation options for local schools, such as Madison, Oak, Prospect, Lane, Manning, Monroe, and more.

Homework Help

Our program includes scheduled time for homework completion and assistance.

Drop-In Care

If your child’s school is closed, we have drop-in care options.

Convenient Location

Our convenient location makes us easy to access for communities in the Westmont area.

Allergy-Free Classrooms

Our facilities are nut-free, and we have allergy lists in every classroom.

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