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Before and After School Program

Kids can start and end their school day interacting with their peers in a fun and positive way, get homework help, and have quiet time to read and relax. Busy parents can go to work, school, or run errands knowing their children ages 5 to 12 have fun and get top-notch care at Crème de la Crème's Before and After School program.

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Why Crème de la Crème's Before and After School Program Stands Out

While you have options of where to send your child for before or after school day care, enrolling them in Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School program offers you and your child many benefits, including:

Uncrowded Classrooms and Play Areas

Many day care centers have crowded, noisy classrooms filled with children. Our private day care center minimizes the number of students allowed, resulting in plenty of room for kids to play, relax, and do their homework.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Because we keep our enrollment to a minimum and have a low student-to-teacher ratio, your child will get focused attention. Our teachers can help with individualized homework and adjust their teaching style to your child’s learning pace.

Access to All of Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School Elements

Our all-inclusive care includes access to the sports fields, play structures, ancillary programs, classes, homework help, and snacks.

Activities at the Before and After School Program at Crème de la Crème

Our director of curriculum designed our Before and After School program to keep kids active, both physically and mentally, while also allowing rest time. Activities in the before and after program include:

Homework Help

Kids have homework to do, and sometimes they need help with it. Our teachers are available to work with your child on their homework, including math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Coding and Robotics Classes

Kids who take coding and robotics develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through hands-on activities, fun apps, and computer software, kids will expand on their mathematical foundation while learning about patterns, sequencing, and spatial awareness. Taking coding and robotics from our teachers at Crème de la Crème can help your child learn essential skills to become a future computer programmer.

Board, Computer, and Video Games

When children play board games, they build on their communication skills, learn how to follow instructions, and observe how their peers think and act. Kids playing computer and video games develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Sports and Play

Your child can get plenty of exercise and play when they attend Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School program. Teachers will help your youngster play:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

We have playgrounds with age-appropriate play structures for kids to romp, climb, and swing on. Most of our schools have an indoor basketball court, gym, bowling alley, and creative movement studio so kids can get exercise and have fun when the weather turns bad. Select Crème de la Crème schools also have a splash park.

Quiet Time

Even though children have busy days and inquisitive minds, they also need quiet time and rest. In our Before and After School program, we let kids have time to read, chat with their friends and peers, and relax before they go to school or after their school day.

Ancillary Programs

Our Crème de la Crème schools also offer ancillary programs to help enhance your child’s interest in something specific. Kids can take part in programs such as cheerleading, chess, karate, or cooking.

Ask your neighborhood school about specific sports programs, play equipment, and ancillary programs, as they might vary by location.


Additional Benefits of Crème de la Crème's Before and After School Program

Your child gets to play in a safe and supportive environment, have homework help, and enjoy snacks when they attend Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School program. Additional benefits include:

Transportation to and From Neighborhood Schools

Most of Crème de la Crème’s day care centers provide transportation in our shuttle bus to and from local neighborhood schools, freeing up your schedule. Confirm with your local Crème de la Crème which schools they bus to and from.

Drop-In Care

You can drop your child off at Crème de la Crème on days their school is closed. This offer is for currently enrolled families at a minimal extra cost. In addition, we offer holiday and summer camps for enrolled and new families.

Safe and Secure Facility

At Crème de la Crème, we take safety seriously. We have eagle-eye cameras in the classrooms, play areas, and throughout the property that we monitor closely. People entering the facility must use our biometric fingerprint and access code process. Our friendly team members go through a background check, and our teachers have CPR and first-aid certifications.

Snacks Provided

Busy youngsters need nourishment before and after school. We provide healthy snacks and milk to keep your child’s body and mind fueled and active. At Crème de la Crème, we understand some children have allergies to certain foods, and our facility is free of peanuts and tree nuts.

Ongoing Teacher Training

We’re proud to offer our teachers a subscription to the online accreditation platform ChildCare Education Institute. Teachers receive a Child Development Associate certification and have access to professional development courses.

Frequently Asked Questions


We provide busing to most local schools. To confirm we transport to your school, contact your local Crème de la Crème.


Yes. A portion of our schedule is dedicated to helping your children with their homework.


Yes, when we are open and local schools are closed we provide drop-in care for currently enrolled families for an additional cost. We also offer holiday and summer camps for those extended breaks to existing and new families


We provide a stimulating and structured, yet casual classroom experience instead of a loud, overpopulated day care. Supervised and guided by our Crème de la Crème team, our program provides a contrast to the formal school day, allowing school-age students to learn to accept personal responsibility and act independently.


Yes, safety and security is one of our core values.


At Crème de la Crème, we are a tree-nut and peanut free school. We take allergies very seriously and keep allergy lists in every classroom.


If you’ve already toured and are ready to enroll, contact your school today! Haven’t toured yet? Schedule a tour today and experience The Crème Difference.


Our training platform starts with our new employee orientation where our Director of Curriculum reviews all aspects of our programs. Along with our annual in-service training day, Team Members participate in “Lunch and Learns,” staff meetings, and are provided with curriculum manuals with built-in professional development. In addition, each Team Member is given a subscription to Child Care Education Institute, which is an online accredited platform. Crème de la Crème’s education department also hosts webinars and in person led trainings throughout the year.

Find Your Neighborhood Crème de la Crème School

Sending your children ages 5 to 12 to Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School program allows them to socialize, play, get homework help, and relax in a safe and happy environment. You’ll have peace of mind during your busy day knowing we take the utmost care of your youngster at Crème de la Crème.

Contact us today to learn more about Crème de la Crème’s Before and After School program, our other day care programs, and to schedule a tour of your local neighborhood Crème de la Crème school. We look forward to helping enroll your child in our high-quality private Before and After School program and to experience the Crème de la Crème difference.


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