Our Curriculum Feeds Your Child's Curiosity.

Right now, your child’s brain is growing faster than it ever will, making lifelong connections every second. That’s why every learning moment matters.

Going beyond daycare, we offer a research-based child care daycare curriculum for the whole child—from babies to kindergartners. It’s carefully curated to give them everything they need (and more) to be ready for grade school and the world, including:

  • A balance of intentional, teacher-led instruction and child-centered learning
  • Daily lessons that focus on four key developmental domains: cognitive, language, physical, and social-emotional
  • Subjects in math, science, art, fine motor and gross motor skills, and more
  • Frequently changing themes that keep children engaged
  • At-home, curriculum-related activities that families can do together

And since no two children are the same, our early childhood education program is designed for all different types of learners.

Everything's Included

Our all-inclusive tuition covers everything your child needs to have a sensational experience and lightens your load too.

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Meals and snacks
  • Enrichment programs
  • State-of-the-art amenities
  • Before- and/or after-school transportation

There's Magic in the Movement.

Experiencing our curriculum in motion is an incredible thing to behold. We rotate through specialty subjects and classrooms. Shifting from homeroom to outdoor spaces. Creative studios to the STEM lab. Following the rhythm of young learners’ attention spans maintains their learning momentum all day.

Our day flows more like a big-kid school than a daycare center. Amenities like bowling alleys, culinary kitchens, outdoor gardens, splash pads, and sports fields are eye-widening extras that offer your child an elevated educational experience.*

Enrichment Programs Fuel New Passions.

Beginning at age 2, and included in your tuition, we layer enrichment classes into your child’s school day.* Counting to cinco surrounded by vibrant cultures. Expressing through art and music. Exploring the world—from plants to planets, colors to coding. Our enrichments ignite hidden talents, fuel new passions, and introduce your little one to ideas that could shape the person they’ll become.


Students dig into project-based activities that build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math skills. They learn through the lens of wonder, exploration, creation, and problem-solving, and take pride in showcasing their own sensational creations.


Exploring Español is so much fun for children ages 2 and up. Little linguists will focus on building foundational vocabulary, recognizing sight words, and listening for proper pronunciation. Interactive activities and conversations support their path to fluency.


Our music studio is a place for singing, dancing, listening, playing instruments, and making music in creative ways. We’ve even built our very own playlist of songs from diverse cultures to set the tone for appreciating the wide world of sound.


Drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, mosaic, crafts, textiles, and murals. Kids explore it all with a wide range of materials that inspire. With every project, they’ll get more comfortable taking creative risks in the name of artistic expression.

*Rotation schedules and amenities vary by location. Number of rotations may vary per day and week. Access to enrichments can vary by age.

Our Teachers Have Talent and Heart.

A curriculum is doubly powerful when expertly taught. And our teachers are the best of the best. They’re the heart of our schools and the ambassadors of our culture. They breathe life into lessons, modifying techniques and activities for each child in their charge.

Behind every teacher is an entire on-site management team that supports their success in the classroom. Our Director of Quality and Education works closely with each teacher, delivering trainings, visiting classrooms, and making sure that every lesson is appropriately prepped for your child’s age and stage.

Quarterly trainings keep our team at the top of their game. Staying current on the latest standards of teaching excellence gives them ample tools. To create a loving environment. To offer academic rigor. To help your little one grow up safe, strong, and happy.

Do you know someone interested in working with us (maybe it’s you)? Explore career opportunities.

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