Whether you’re looking for child care for your infant or toddler, a private preschool or kindergarten, or a place for your child to make friends while learning before and after school or over the summer, Crème de la Crème has a program for you. Learn more about the services we offer, then schedule a tour of the learning center in your area.

      What Services Can You Expect at a Crème de la Crème Learning Center?

      We developed a whole-child curriculum that keeps your child engaged throughout their time with us. Our age-appropriate day care programs make it easy for busy parents to go about their days knowing their children are safe in an educational, nurturing setting.

      Why Will Your Child Prosper at a Crème de la Crème Learning Center?

      No matter which program you enroll your child in, you can expect various benefits at your nearest Crème de la Crème learning center:

      Unique Curriculum

      Crème de la Crème’s programs offer a research-based curriculum created to introduce children to a variety of learning experiences. Whether your child is getting their first taste of culinary education, participating in active play outdoors, or learning another language, you can rest assured that their love of learning will expand.

      Classroom Rotation

      One innovative element of our programs is classroom rotation. Children will start their day with their primary teacher and rotate to different enrichment classrooms to keep their minds stimulated.

      All-Inclusive Tuition

      Our programs are all-inclusive. You don’t have to worry about supplies like diapers or essentials like meals when your child attends one of our programs.

      Safety and Security

      Our state-of-the-art buildings create a learning environment that is just as safe as educational. Our classrooms and equipment support hands-on learning while adhering to safety standards. The staff at Crème de la Crème are CPR- and first-aid-certified to ensure everyone’s safety.

      Child Care Programs in Your Local Area

      We have Crème de la Crème facilities all across the country, so you can easily find the perfect program close to home. Wherever you’re located, you can expect safety and security; a state-of-the-art facility; and highly-trained, specialized team members.

      What Programs and Services Does Your Local Crème de la Crème Offer?

      Visit your local facility to see firsthand the many programs available to your child:

      Infant Care

      Crème de la Crème’s infant care program, designed for babies 6 weeks and older, will help your child flourish in their first year. We offer an affordable solution to child care that fosters social and emotional development, helping your little one develop skills such as communication, body awareness, motor control, and social interaction. Our rooms are clean and soft, delivering the ideal environment for infants to learn, grow, and explore. Individualized care through a low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child is safe at all times, and unique elements of the curriculum, like baby sign language, foster development.

      Toddler Care

      Our toddler care program builds on skills learned in our infant care program, creating a safe and supportive environment for kiddos ages 1 to 2. Your toddler will develop educational, cognitive, and social skills as they learn to be more independent. All-inclusive tuition means that all educational and art supplies, diapers and linens, and meals are part of the package. Through curriculum elements like story time, songs, music, movement, creative expression, and outdoor play, your toddler will build communication skills and techniques for peer interaction that they will take with them in their next educational steps.

      Private Preschool

      Look no further than our private preschool program for a curriculum that integrates research and best practices to educate the whole child. Our private preschool nurtures children ages 2 to 4 and builds a foundation of academic, emotional, social, and life skills they can take into kindergarten and beyond. The age-appropriate curriculum draws on your child’s sense of adventure and curiosity in brief, 30-minute intervals that stimulate their mind. Our classroom rotation includes elements such as S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), theater, secondary language, creative movement, and gym to let your youngster thrive.

      Private Kindergarten

      Kindergarten is the launchpad into your child’s education, so you want to ensure they have a high-quality program to prepare them for their next steps. Our private kindergarten program instills a love of learning in your child as they explore different subjects in a nurturing environment. Your child will become an independent learner while further developing their social skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem. The curriculum aligns with local, state, and federal guidelines while focusing on exciting subjects such as language arts, music, robotics and coding, Spanish and Mandarin, and S.T.E.A.M.

      Before- and After-School Program

      Are you searching for a positive place for your child to go before and after school? Look no further than the before- and after-school program at your local Crème de la Crème. Children ages 5 to 12 can start and end the school day in a fun setting, interact with peers, get help with homework, and find a quiet environment to relax. This all-inclusive program includes access to the sports fields, play structures, ancillary programs, classes, homework help, and snacks. Uncrowded classrooms and play areas and a low student-to-teacher ratio set our program apart from other child care options.

      Summer Camp

      Maximize summertime fun for your child by enrolling them in summer camp at Crème de la Crème. Our summer camp program, designed for kids ages 5 to 12, combines recreation with learning opportunities. Guest speakers, community and family events, and field trips are just the start. Your child will enjoy hands-on activities that develop social and academic skills while making friends with their peers. Amenities like tennis courts, basketball courts, and soccer, kickball, and baseball fields take the experience to the next level. Some of our centers even feature an on-site water park and bowling alley.

      Tour your nearest location to see what we can offer your child. We are excited for you to discover a center close to home and join the Crème de la Crème family. We’re ready to show you where your child will grow, learn, and make friendships that will last for years. No matter which program you’re considering for your child, they will enter a nurturing environment that fosters their academic skills while supporting their overall development through Crème de la Crème’s innovative whole-child approach. Visit your local learning center today.