A young child puts tiny pieces together for an electric circuit board.

STEM Activities For Kids

Participating in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities from a young age offers a range of advantages for children. Beyond learning about underlying concepts, kids who take part in STEM activities boost their confidence, hone their critical thinking, and so much more. Why Should Your Child Learn STEM Activities? Image by Kevin Jarrett  is… Read more

A group of kids participate in a cooking class in Las Vegas, NV

Trying Out Kids’ Cooking Classes in Las Vegas, NV

Kids enjoy learning their way around a kitchen, whether it’s helping bake cookies or cutting up vegetables for the weekly pot of soup. Taking cooking classes can empower youngsters to try new foods, feel comfortable around kitchen utensils, and enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Kids can even improve their reading and math skills… Read more

A mother hugging two children in a pool in Chicago, IL

Water Safety Tips for Your Kids in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Swimming is a fun activity for your kids that helps them stay active but also poses dangers. Understanding water safety is paramount to ensure everyone can have a good time while splashing in the sun. Read below as our Crème de la Crème of Lincoln Park team explores a few tips for keeping your children… Read more

A prothonotary warbler peeking around a tree at Heard Natural Science Center in Texas

See the Local Wildlife Around McKinney, TX

The Lone Star State is home to more than 140 species of mammals, including some that are found exclusively in Texas. With such an abundance and diversity of wildlife, the area offers nature lovers the rare opportunity to get up close to unique animals, from pronghorns and armadillos to bats and badgers. Our Crème de… Read more

A group of children doing yoga in a park in Lone Tree, CO

Yoga Classes for Kids Near Lone Tree, CO

Exercise is part of a well-balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. While many children often find running and jumping fun, introducing your child to alternative forms of exercise can be a great way to help them learn about different cultures and develop new skills. Yoga is an exceptional option that’s challenging and low impact. A… Read more

A young child on a rock climbing wall in Mount Laurel, NJ

8 Places Where Your Kids Can Burn Some Energy in Mount Laurel, NJ

Looking for a place where your child can burn some excess energy? There are plenty of thrilling locations in the local area that your kids will love to explore. There’s also a good chance they’ll want to come back for more. Here’s a list of eight exciting places you and your kids should visit in… Read more

Two children swimming in a splash pool in Mesa, AZ

6 Places to Stay Cool This Summer Around Mesa, AZ

It’s no secret that temperatures often reach triple digits this time of year in the Southwest. As the days heat up, you’ll want to find some spots to chill out. Use our guide to discover six places to stay cool this summer around Mesa, Arizona. Mesa Aquatic Complex Kids Playing in the Swimming Pool by… Read more

A sock monkey covering its eyes in front of other sock monkeys at a museum near Glenview, IL

6 Museums You Need To Visit Near Glenview, IL

There’s no better way to learn something new than visiting a local museum. Going to a museum is an experience that appeals to all ages, offering exciting sculptures and figurines to admire. Here’s a list of six museums you need to visit near Glenview, Illinois, covering subjects from history and science to sock monkeys. Sock… Read more

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