Summer Activities

With exciting field trips, guest speakers, community, and family events, your child will experience age-appropriate activities and adventures to grow and develop during the summer. To beat the summer heat, Crème de la Crème has an onsite water park*. We offer ancillary opportunities such as tennis, basketball, or soccer camps. *Amenities vary by location

Summer Camp Activities


At Crème, we love to “wow” our students by incorporating S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) into our summer programs. Children explore concepts such as patterning, sequencing, problem-solving, and the wonders of science.

Bowling Alley

Our summer camp students enjoy our on-site bowling alley as a way to beat the summer heat with some indoor fun! *

Water Park

In our unique water park, children cool off in our shallow splash pad, enjoy sensory play, and have fun with friends! *

Culinary Education

Enjoy a sweet treat with Crème Culinary Education! Our Culinary Education program reinforces subjects like science, math, and reading with a hands-on learning experience. Students have the opportunity to revisit favorite foods, as well as experience new tastes and learn about different cultures.

Field Trips

Exciting field trips take your child to educational and fun activities around town!


Let’s shoot some hoops and play some games! Our gym and other active play areas are great for a multitude of activities and to release energy.

Outdoor Amenities

Several new and exciting sports will be presented to your child. Children exercise sportsmanship skills and enjoy team spirit! Our outdoor amenities are aligned with the best developmental practices and adhere to the strictest safety standards possible. We have a baseball diamond, tennis court, age-appropriate play structures, soccer field, kickball field, basketball court, and water park.*

Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

Summer time is about getting out and playing with friends! We have a separate playground area for each age group with climbing structures and other age-appropriate toys.

Creative Movement

Let’s Dance! Our students learn to express themselves, enhance coordination, and improve gross motor skills.

Digital Fluency

Our technology is out of this world! We introduce children to a wide range of technology with our coding and robotics program, computers, and iPads.* We encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


At Crème, we explore a variety of art forms. Children are able to create, wonder, and explore their creative boundaries.


And the show goes on… Through self-expression and dramatization, your child will have the chance to try on new roles through fantastic music, puppetry, plays, and skits. We love to watch children express themselves with our theater program.

*Amenities vary by location

Check out an example of one of our summer camp calendars!

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