Safe and Snug as a Bug

Handing your baby to someone new is a big step for the whole family. Everyone at our schools prioritizes the holistic wellbeing of your bundle of joy. Most importantly, our naturally gifted infant teachers. Our advanced health and safety standards include:

  • A biometric fingerprint and code to enter the school
  • Classroom and playground cameras for continuous monitoring
  • Crib sheets washed daily
  • A three-step sanitizing process on changing tables and throughout the classroom
  • All diapering supplies provided

Designed for the Littlest Learners

Cozy, clean, and carefully curated. Our Infant classrooms meet your baby’s age and stage of development.

Safe Sleep

We keep cribs clear of items like pillows and toys and use a firm mattress with a tight-fitting sheet. Our cribs are personalized with your baby’s name and picture. Plus, they’re see-through so we can keep an eye on your little one while they sleep.

Flexible Feeding

Whether you feed your baby or want us to, we’ll keep them full, happy, and healthy. We have policies to carefully label and separate milk and formula.

Cozy Clean

Keeping your baby fresh and dry all day—with diapers and wipes included in your tuition. That’s the standard here. And our cozy infant child care classrooms are shoe-free so little hands and mouths stay safe from germs and dirt while your baby makes great-big-world discoveries.

Embark on a Learning Journey

Your baby is in brain development prime time—beginning to make connections with people and things around them. We’re more than daycare. Our curriculum is designed to nurture your baby along their developmental milestones. To infuse a joy of learning into every inch they crawl.

Getting Cuddled and Making Friends
Emotional safety is at the forefront of our approach with babies. That’s why our teachers give plenty of cuddles and opportunities to make new friends with other babies.

Chatting and Babbling
We build lots of early literacy activities into our day. We read books, point and name objects (Table! Car!), listen to babies’ babble, and talk and make sounds back to them.

Igniting Creativity
To help their creative side develop, we touch and feel different textures (like sticky and soft), express feelings through movement, listen to music, and play toy instruments.

Building Brain Power
We practice memory skills, engage all five senses, and copy simple actions—all to help your wee one’s brain flourish.

Learning Sign Language
By learning American Sign Language (ASL) signs for simple words like eat, drink, more, and help, babies learn to communicate even before their verbal skills develop.

Explore Our Curriculum

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