Nurturing Wonder

Our curriculum takes learning to new heights. It opens opportunities for your preschooler to explore their interests. To bravely try new things. To be confidently curious every step of the way. We use toys and learning manipulatives that expand their natural curiosity and fuel their sense of adventure.

Engaging Rotations

There is no other top Private Preschool curriculum that approaches the learning day quite like we do. Research tells us that early learners’ minds follow a regular rhythm of sustained focus. So we time our lessons to match their natural cadence. We keep their learning momentum going as they explore enrichment areas, move their bodies, and make the most of every learning moment. Every time a classroom rotation begins, a door of possibility opens.

Explore Our Curriculum

Feel Safe. Stay Connected.

Our Mobile App

Scrumptious mealtimes, thrilling new discoveries, and photos galore. We make it easy for you to stay up to date with your child and in touch with us throughout the day.

Snug As a Bug

We prioritize your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing. You can feel secure in every moment of every day, knowing that they are lovingly cared for. Our advanced health and safety standards include:

  • A biometric fingerprint and code to enter the school
  • Classroom and playground cameras for continuous monitoring
  • A three-step sanitizing process throughout the classroom
  • A tree-nut and peanut-free environment
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