S.T.E.A.M. Lab

Introduce your kids to the fundamental concepts of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. When rotating through Crème de la Crème’s S.T.E.A.M. Lab enrichment classroom, preschoolers can conduct scientific experiments, build and design models, learn to code, and explore robotics. These hands-on activities ignite your child’s natural curiosity, boosting enthusiasm and confidence. 

Coconut Theater

This enrichment program provides young audiences with an immersive learning experience that can vastly improve their critical and creative thinking skills. Research shows us that a collaborative approach, as you’ll find on stage, leads to deeper learning. That’s why we structured our Coconut Theater program to teach our preschoolers to imagine endless possibilities while learning to sit quietly and respect others.

Second Language Library

It’s never too early to start learning a second language. Toddlers and preschool students who take Mandarin or Spanish enrichment classes at Crème de la Crème have fun learning vocabulary while discovering other cultures and their music. Many bilingual children also outperform peers in areas like reading, writing, and math, plus improvements in memory, concentration, and creativity.

Krem TV/Creme Character Education

With our whole child approach and our culture of values, Crème de la Crème’s instructors guide young learners through dramatic play in our Krem TV studio. Here they’ll develop the confidence of a rising star with exciting activities that support creativity and self-expression while providing kids with ways to deal with real-life situations. 

Art Studio

Crème de la Crème’s creative teachers encourage your children to exercise their “right brain” with our art studio enrichment program. They’ll spend 30 minutes creating and exploring without limitations. Studies show art students are more likely to excel academically and often earn top scores on national math and the sciences assessments.

Digital Tech Lab

There’s no denying the role of technology in our daily lives. While excessive screen time is a valid concern for most parents, understanding technology is a necessary life skill, and it can play a positive role in your child’s education. Our Digital Tech Lab introduces preschoolers to computers, smartboards, and tablets. 

Creative Movement Studio

Creative movement class strengthens children’s imagination by engaging their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses. With Crème de la Crème’s studio, children can spend 30 minutes stretching their bodies and brain. This environment allows them to share their physical space and move about together. Students participating in our Creative Movement Studio enrichment program focus on improving motor skills and rhythm while building strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.


It’s no secret that children have tons of energy to burn, and studies show that they need at least an hour of physical activity each day to support their healthy bodies. Crème de la Crème’s gym enrichment program allows children to decompress from their studies and engage in active fun. Physical development is a crucial part of your child’s development. That’s why we balance stationary and physical learning opportunities as the foundation of our preschool educational program. This welcome break with friends helps students perform better in the classroom.

Music Studio

Children flourish when allowed to make music, but knowing what age to start their music education can be challenging. Even infants will quickly develop an ear for rhythmic sounds, and by the time you enroll your children in our preschool, their ability to process music is in its prime stages of development. Now is the ideal time to expose children to different instruments and songs at Crème de la Crème’s music studio. Your kids will sing, dance, and play while building confidence and strengthening memory skills that support your child’s blossoming imagination.

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