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Music Studio

Music education for children has many advantages, and it can positively impact their overall growth and development. According to Psychology Today, music training can improve learning ability and memory. Crème de la Crème offers a variety of excellent programs for children, including our Music Studio program. Children can sing, play, dance, and try many musical instruments. We have facilities in many parts of the United States, and it's easy to find a location near you and schedule a tour.

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Child Development During Preschool

Children start learning right after birth, and they develop quickly during their first years of life. Kids in preschool can absorb new memories, language skills, and complex problem-solving skills better than most adults. Children’s neurons form connections quickly, allowing them to easily soak up new information. It’s a good idea to provide intellectually stimulating activities for kids in the classroom while being careful not to overwhelm them. At Crème de la Crème, children rotate through nine 30-minute enrichment programs daily. The Music Studio is part of this unique classroom rotation program.

Hands-On Learning

Crème de la Crème promotes hands-on learning for infants. Our unique programs allow children to explore their environments, build motor skills, grow, and develop. In doing so, they improve their:

  • Language acquisition and skills.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Motor control and hand-eye coordination.
  • Social skills.
  • Emotional development.
  • Working memory.
  • Ability to follow instructions.


Crème de la Crème Classroom Rotation

Along with the Music Studio, children can enjoy and learn from many other programs, including the S.T.E.A.M. Lab, Coconut Theater, the Art Studio, and Krem TV/Creme Character Education.

The S.T.E.A.M. Lab

The S.T.E.A.M. Lab introduces kids to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Preschoolers can design and build models, conduct scientific experiments, and explore robotics. These hands-on activities can improve your child’s curiosity, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Coconut Theater

The Coconut Theater enrichment program provides an immersive learning experience for young children to improve their creative and critical thinking skills. It also teaches preschoolers to respect others and sit quietly while using their imaginations.

Art Studio

Like music, art can help students excel in other subjects. Art students often earn high scores on science and math assessments, and many preschoolers find art fun and relaxing.

Krem TV/Creme Character Education

At our Krem TV studio, Crème de la Crème’s instructors help guide young learners through dramatic play. They teach kids how to perform activities needed in real life, such as cooking and grocery shopping. Krem TV builds practical skills while supporting creativity and developing children’s confidence.

Benefits of the Crème de la Crème Music Studio Program

Our Music Studio program introduces children to music early and helps them decide which types of instruments they prefer. It has many other benefits for kids and parents.

Powerful Study Skills for Your Child

Music helps kids memorize essential information, such as the alphabet, more quickly. Singing their favorite songs together allows children to practice their memorization skills regularly. They learn early that reviewing and retaining information is essential for success in almost any activity.

Better Teamwork

Music fosters individual expression while teaching teamwork. In the Music Studio, children create and perform their own musical compositions with others. This teaches them to follow teachers’ instructions and cooperate with their classmates for a unique, fun experience.

Keep Track of Your Kids' Progress

Our parent connectivity app makes checking on your child throughout the day easy. You’ll get regular updates about nap times, when your child eats, and how much food they consume. You’ll also receive photos of your child and have access to our video cameras. The entrances to all our facilities are monitored, and our classrooms have cameras to improve your peace of mind and your child’s safety.

Skilled Caregivers

Our caregivers are motivated and friendly, and they form great relationships with kids. All receive thorough background checks, and many Crème de la Crème caregivers and teachers have years of experience.

A Safe, Clean Environment

Our on-site cleaning crew works throughout the day to keep classrooms clean and free of germs. We don’t allow tree nuts or peanuts to protect children with allergies, and every classroom has a detailed allergy list. We also keep track of any other medical conditions that your child may have and keep first aid kits on hand. Our caregivers are trained to give emergency treatments and administer medications such as asthma inhalers when children need them.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Each Crème de la Crème facility is different, but all feature classrooms and amenities that encourage hands-on learning. Many of our locations have culinary kitchens, playgrounds, gardens, libraries, coding and robotics labs, soccer fields, and basketball courts.

Frequently Asked Questions


At our orientation for new employees, our Director of Curriculum reviews all our programs in detail. We also provide ongoing training for staff members. Along with our yearly in-service training day, our team members participate in frequent webinars and Lunch and Learn training sessions. They also receive curriculum manuals containing various professional development activities. Each team member receives a free subscription to the ChildCare Education Institute, an accredited online professional development school for childcare workers.


Our Music Studio helps children learn many skills that they’ll need in elementary school and later in their development. We also use Frog Street, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum for early learners. Teachers use a large stuffed frog to play with kids and conduct assessments for every student. That way, they can track each child’s progress and inform parents about important milestones.

Find Your Neighborhood Crème de la Crème School

Crème de la Crème provides a variety of stimulating educational and developmental programs for children to help the youngest members of your family reach their full potential and be successful later in life. To learn more about our excellent facilities and meet our expert caretakers, contact us and schedule a tour at a location near you.

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