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Why Infant Care Is Important

A strong and positive early infant care experience can improve a child’s life in a number of ways. Infant care focuses on the child’s health and education, using their unique learning abilities and naturally inquisitive instinct to establish foundational skills that are necessary later in life. Having trained specialists who are aware of infant needs, can plan and execute appropriate activities, and can use daily routines to establish a bond with infants will help babies feel, safe, secure, and satisfied in the classroom environment.

Not all infant care programs are the same. As a parent, you have a choice on where to send your baby. Entrusting your baby to the right people in an atmosphere conducive to quality learning can provide consistency and stability for the entire family. Building this supportive and safe care is key to ensuring a successful start for baby and parents. There are many outstanding benefits to enrolling your little one in infant care at Crème de la Crème in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Why Your Child Will Prosper When They Attend Private Infant Care in Bridgewater, New Jersey

Children who receive high-quality care early in life often develop strong social skills, such as communicating their emotions easily, responding quickly to other people’s needs, and understanding social cues. They also tend to have strong learning skills at a young age. The benefits of receiving great infant care are important both to a developing child and well into adulthood. When you enroll your child in Crème de la Crème’s infant child care program and learning center, the benefits include:


We understand the importance of a sanitized shared environment. Our three-step cleaning process uses an on-site cleaning crew, so teachers can focus on your baby without having to stop to clean. Our infant classrooms are also a shoe-free environment.

Developmentally Suited Curriculum

Crème de la Crème in Bridgewater developed a curriculum for babies based on our whole-student learning principle, which focuses on the needs of growing minds. Our diverse curriculum includes social and emotional interaction to help babies develop and practice important social cues, baby sign language for clear communication skills as early as possible, and language acquisition. Babies also have the opportunity to practice body awareness and motor skills.

Ongoing Training for Employees and Caregivers

Everyone that works with our children benefits from ongoing training to ensure we provide the best services available based on current research. Our training platform begins with a new employee orientation and an annual in-service training day. Team members participate in “Lunch and Learn” activities, attend staff meetings, and have curriculum manuals with built-in professional development experiences. Additionally, each team member is provided a subscription to Child Care Educational Institute. This online platform is accredited and provides research-based information.

Support for Parents

We value our parents and understand that leaving your infant with another individual can be taxing on the mind and emotions. We provide continuous contact with parents via our parent connectivity app. Parents enrolled will receive diaper notifications, nap times, and eating times, along with how much was eaten. You have access to team member communication, and we send photos as well. You won’t miss any milestones. We have cameras in the classrooms and common areas to provide visual monitoring and ensure your infant receives the best care.


Infant Care Features Offered at Crème de la Crème

At Crème de la Crème in Bridgewater, we offer an infant care program that includes a number of benefits to help parents, caregivers, and children develop social, emotional, and foundational skills to enhance their children’s lives and secure a stronger future. Our continually supervised team of professionals provide infant care in rooms that are cleaned and sanitized to a high standard. Infant care rooms feature soft materials safe for exploring and soft enough for little hands, feet, and bodies.

  • Age-appropriate toys
  • Quality interaction
  • Strong communication with parents
  • An all-inclusive tuition
Additional Benefits of Infant Care at Crème de la Crème
Low Caregiver to Baby Ratio

A lower caregiver to baby ratio ensures your baby’s needs are met quickly and helps caregivers develop a strong relationship with each baby.

Challenging Curriculum

Even as infants, children enrolled in our learning center will develop body awareness and motor control. Infants in our care benefit from play areas specifically designed for their developmental and learning needs, as well as an environment suited to help both their minds and bodies grow and thrive.

Communication Skills

Babies in our care are in a rich environment that focuses on honing strong communication skills. They will practice baby sign language and participate in language acquisition activities.


Because safety and security is a core value, we have cameras in our classrooms. Additionally, anyone who enters the school must enter a code and scan their fingerprint.

All-Inclusive Tuition

Our all-inclusive tuition makes things a lot easier for parents. You don’t have to worry about providing a heavy diaper bag. We supply wipes, diapers, and diaper creams. Crib sheets are sterilized and fresh, along with other linens like bibs, towels, burp cloths, and sleep sacks.

Easy Drop-off

We are conveniently located right past Wegman’s, and we serve parents in both the Bridgewater and Branchburg areas. Our drop-off process is quick, easy, and organized. Additionally, our hours are 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., making it easy for you to drop off your baby early enough to get to work or appointments without rushing.

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Our team at Creme de la Creme in Bridgewater looks forward to having you enroll your infant at our day care and learning center. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or schedule a tour.

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