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Why Toddler Care Is Crucial

High-quality child care ensures that children are safe, healthy, and happy. While in care, children begin to develop and practice the skills they’ll need later on in school and well into adulthood. A quality toddler program can help your little one meet their social, emotional, mental, and learning needs. During these formative years, children can develop a positive relationship with learning that will stay with them throughout life.

Children in private toddler care benefit from an enriching environment that encourages the acquisition of pre-literacy skills and builds their basic math and reasoning abilities. Having academic and developmental success during these foundational years can help build your toddler’s self-esteem and sense of independence. Additionally, they begin to gain a sense of their place in the world and their value as individuals. That is why it is important to have fulfilling learning experiences and relationships with both their peers and adults.

While there are similarities in toddler care services, not all toddler care programs are alike. You have a choice on whether to send your child to a public or private care facility. There are numerous outstanding benefits to sending your little one to toddler private care at Crème de la Crème of Fishers, Indiana.

Why Your Child Will Love Our Toddler Care in Fishers, Indiana

Toddler care is often a child’s first introduction to learning and the educational environment. Establishing a positive relationship with the act of learning can help students be successful later on in life and support the value of education. Additionally, a welcoming environment where children are valued and encouraged to build strong relationships with their peers can build their communication skills and positively affect their social and emotional learning. When your child attends a private toddler care center, the benefits include:

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Because classes are typically smaller when compared to other educational facilities, students have individualized attention.

School Supplies and Resources

Your tuition includes all the supplies needed to help your child succeed. There’s no need to stand in long lines after a long day at work.

Enriching Education and Curriculum

The curriculum is carefully crafted with your child’s developmental needs in mind.

Anti-Bullying Curriculum

Children learn good citizenship, how to treat one another, and develop skills for good teamwork.


Toddler Care Advantages at Crème de la Crème of Fishers

When enrolled in our exceptional toddler care program, your child will reap the benefits of a fun, educational, fulfilling, and supportive environment. We offer a small class size, capped at 10 students with two teachers in the room, so each child gets the individualized attention and support they need. The smaller class size allows our educators to customize and individualize the learning experience for each child. Students reach their developmental and cognitive needs at different times, and our enriching curriculum is flexible yet appropriate for each toddler.

Our toddler curriculum includes:

  • Songs to support language acquisition
  • Music for creative expression
  • Story time
  • Physical activity
  • Cooperative learning
  • Anti-bullying education
  • Outdoor play

We are conveniently located at 13372 Bent Grass Lane, near several neighborhoods in Fishers, so it makes it easy for parents to swing by in the morning before work. Our staff has an efficient and easy drop-off and pick-up routine that makes the transition easy for both children and parents. We are open from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., so even if you have early hours or have to stay late, your child will be safe and cared for.

Additional Benefits of Attending Toddler Care at Crème de la Crème of Fishers, Indiana
All-Inclusive Care

We offer whole-child care. That means that while your child is with us we provide diapers, diaper cream, wipes, linens for the beds, bibs, and snacks. We provide meals for children on table food and milk for children over the age of 1. Nourishment is an important part of healthy living and the habits children develop early on form the foundation of a healthy life.

School and Art Supplies

We provide all of the supplies and instructional materials your child needs to thrive. You save time skipping the store and lines so you can have more time at home to enjoy your family.

Parent Support and Communication

We provide constant and effective communication with parents through our parent connectivity app. Simply download the app, and you will be notified of all that is happening with your child. We keep updates on naps, eating times and amounts, diaper changes, and developmental milestones. Our caregivers can even send pictures. You won’t miss a thing.

Safety and Security

We have a video monitoring system in our classrooms and common spaces. This ensures your children are always safe and monitored.


Our facility has an on-site clean crew that specializes in maintaining the facility and enduring it is sanitized. Our three-step cleaning process minimizes dust, germs, and bacteria to keep your children as safe as possible.

Foreign Language Instruction

We provide instruction in a foreign language to help your child develop the skills necessary for the world of tomorrow.

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Our team at Crème de la Crème of Fishers, Indiana, looks forward to meeting you and your toddler. We are excited to offer your little ball of energy the best care possible. If you have any questions about our private toddler care program or our location’s facilities, feel free to contact us.

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