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Before and After-School Program in Peachtree Corners (Norcross), Georgia

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The Benefits of Before- and After-School Care at Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross)

Organized before- and after-school programs help support children’s emotional health, social skills, and academic development. According to, every $1 invested in after-school programs increases a youth’s earning potential by $3. These programs are an outstanding investment in your child’s future.

Our Before- and After-School Care Fills All the Gaps

Our before- and after-school program includes essential services to help your family stay on track despite your busy schedule. We’ll fit seamlessly into your day, taking care of tasks after school and keeping your kids safe and happy.


We offer bus transportation from Simpson Elementary School so that you don’t have to worry about how your child will get to Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross). This convenient feature makes our facility a great go-to for care outside school hours.

Homework Help

Our schedule includes dedicated time for kids to work on their homework after school. Our helpful staff members are on hand to assist when needed. You won’t have to fit homework time into your schedule after picking up your kids. By including homework in the after-school program, we can help streamline your day and ensure that you get to make the most of your evenings at home with the family.

Enriching Ancillary Program

Figuring out how to fit extracurricular activities onto your calendar is always tricky. We offer a Kickaroo Karate ancillary program so that you can roll this activity into your child’s after-school time at Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross). Parents pay a one-time fee for their child’s karate uniform and a monthly fee to participate in classes.

Drop-In Care and Summer Camp

If the local schools are closed at a time when our Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross) facility is open, we will offer drop-in care so that you have a safe and convenient place to bring your kids. This arrangement can help you fill in the gaps in your schedule when you have work but the schools are out of session. We also offer summer camp for all-day fun when school is out for the summer.

Kids who participate in before- and after-school programs at Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross) will also feel at home spending the summer with us.



Before and After-School Care at Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross)

A Safe Retreat Outside School Hours

Although Georgia has no law on leaving children home alone, the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) advises against leaving any child younger than 8 unsupervised. Even older children may struggle with boredom, loneliness, or poor behavior when left alone. In the United States, one in five young people is alone after the school day ends. Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross) offers a safe alternative to leaving children home. We’ve equipped our facility with eagle-eye cameras inside and outside to monitor activity at all times.


Supervised Social Time

Our before- and after-school programs allow for self-led activities so that children can learn to take responsibility for their time management and act independently within the bounds of the program. Children can interact with others of different ages, classes, or schools, expanding their circle of friends and building essential social skills.

Opportunities for Active Play

Our facility includes a spacious outdoor area with a water park and baseball diamond. We also maintain an indoor gym so that your child has plenty of space for active play. We offer the opportunity for independent play as well as organized games. This setting is ideal for helping children get the daily physical activity that their growing bodies require and foster positive social interactions with other kids.

Exciting Games and Activities

We have board games, computer games, video games, and toys for children to enjoy during our before- and after-school program. Access to these features during a limited time before and after school can make them far more interesting to kids than their toys and games at home.

Highly Trained Staff

Every teacher goes through a background check and our training program to ensure that we have only the best professionals on staff to help care for your kids. Our team members also participate in “Lunch and Learns” and regular meetings to help them hone their skills. We also provide each teacher with a Child Care Education Institute subscription to promote individual professional development.

A Familiar Environment

Did your child attend Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross) for preschool or kindergarten program? You can provide your little one with a familiar and welcoming retreat before and after school as your son or daughter moves into elementary school. Participating in our summer camps can also maintain consistency with your child care throughout the year. We offer child care and education solutions for all your needs.

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème Norcross

If you’re interested in learning more about our quality before- and after-school care programs, contact our team at Crème de la Crème of Peachtree Corners (Norcross). We would love to have you tour our facility and answer all your questions about enrolling your children in our engaging, educational programs. Our outstanding before- and after-school care options provide a safe and enriching space for your children five days a week.


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