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Where Your Kids Can Play Sports Around Leawood, KS

Small boy running the bases in a Leawood, KS baseball game.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, playing sports benefits children in a variety of ways. They develop physical coordination while making friends and learning essential life skills like teamwork. If your child has shown an interest in athletics, encourage that curiosity. Here is a list of places near Leawood, Kansas, where… Read more

5 Family-Friendly Restaurants Around Leawood, Kansas

Artisanal coffee disposable cup.

If you’re searching for your next favorite family-friendly restaurant in Leawood, Kansas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you prefer diner-style restaurants or a classier joint that’s kid-friendly, this list is sure to help you find delicious solutions for your next family outing. Some of these recommendations are open all day long, making it… Read more

5 Local Bookstores to Explore Around Leawood, KS

Three children looking over products at a book fair.

You can buy books from so many places, including online from individual sellers and in-person at national chain stores. But nothing beats the experience of shopping at a local community bookstore. These local institutions often have unique selections and secondhand books, giving you the opportunity to support a small business. Plus, they may host awesome… Read more