Teaching children a foreign language at a young age can help imprint the language easier than if they wait in life. As young kids learn their native language, they can use the same part of the brain to learn a second or third language.

When a child learns another language, they develop cognitive and problem-solving skills, improve their memory, and enhance their academic performance. Introducing a foreign language to a child exposes them to other cultures and can pique their curiosity about learning more about the culture, customs, and people of the language they are studying.

Finding a language class in the Leawood, Kansas, area, is easy as most of the classes are now offered online. Some language schools offer in-person classes as well. For your convenience, our team at Crème de la Crème has put together this list of six places to take a language class around our city.

Mango Languages

A small boy taking a language class on a computer in Leawood, KS.
Image via Flickr by Mario A. P. Licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

The Johnson County Library recommends signing up with Mango Languages so kids can learn a foreign language by taking one of their online courses. Mango Languages structure their lessons to emulate real-life situations. Your child will learn the basics of a foreign language as well as how to speak in conversation.

Once your child has mastered the select language or languages, they can also focus on going deeper into specific topics associated with that language. Courses offered at Mango Languages range from Arabic to Yiddish. For fun, you and your youngster can learn Shakespearean English and how to talk like a pirate.

Johnson County Community College

Taking an online class via Zoom at Johnson County Community College lets you learn a language in an intimate online classroom. The instructors limit the class size so you can ask your professor specific questions about the language and talk with other students interactively. If you have college-bound kids, many four-year colleges require the student to take a foreign language. Fulfilling this requirement with Zoom classes at Johnson County Community College is affordable and fun. The professors at this college offer five commonly spoken languages: Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Stopping at local bookstores in Leawood is another great way for kids to learn a foreign language and hone their skills. They can find age-appropriate books written in another language so they can experience reading a book in the foreign language they’re studying.

Bilingual Little Ones

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish can help your youngster communicate effectively with their Spanish-speaking peers. Bilingual Little Ones offer children a Spanish immersion experience so they can fully grasp the language basics. Kids will also learn nuances of Spanish and how to speak conversationally.

The instructors program the lessons for your child’s unique learning needs and style. You can even register your little one for private Spanish classes. The staff at Bilingual Little Ones are all native Spanish speakers and they conduct all activities in Spanish. Children learn this beautiful language through art, games, songs, and storytelling. Your child can take online Spanish classes at Bilingual Little Ones or in person at their school in South Overland Park.

Another way to introduce a foreign culture to young ones is through cooking classes. Look for culinary classes in the Leawood area that offers Spanish or Mexican-style food to correlate with taking a Spanish foreign language class.

Language and Music House

Language and Music House offers classes in language, music, movement, and art. The staff at Language and Music House feel children learn a foreign language quicker when they’re young, as they can more easily hear speech patterns and accents. The teachers at Language and Music House tailor their private or small class instruction to the individual child so the little one can learn at their speed.

Foreign language classes offered at Language and Music House include French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Italian. You can take both the French and Spanish classes in a group setting, in private, or as a Mommy/Daddy and me class. While you’re at the facility, sign your child up for a music class, voice lessons, or summer camp. Language and Music House holds classes online or in-person at their school in Kansas City, Missouri.

Humberto Spanish

The owner of Humberto Spanish, Humberto Flores, grew up in Peru and then New York City. He has taught Spanish for over 30 years, from grade school children to professional business people. Mr. Flores teaches Spanish in a traditional foreign language format. In addition, he tells about the cultural history of Spanish-speaking peoples for a comprehensive understanding of the language. Humberto Flores tailors each class for the child’s learning style and needs. Mr. Humberto teaches his Spanish classes online through Zoom.

International Academy of Language

Whether you want your child to learn classic languages like Greek or Latin, or modern ones like Spanish and Italian, you can get personalized instruction at the International Academy of Language in Kansas City. The instructors hold classes online through Zoom, whether as one-on-one instruction or in a small group of up to six students.

The professors at the International Academy of Language use tried-and-true teaching methodologies to help their students learn a foreign language. A big part of learning another language is understanding the linguistic structure of the language, and the teachers emphasize this aspect of learning right away.

As a student, the professors teach you how to write, speak, listen, and comprehend the rules of the language. In addition, you learn cultural nuances associated with the language. Individual and small group foreign language classes include Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Latin. The International Academy of Languages offers each language in beginners, intermediates, and advanced modalities.

At Crème de la Crème, we feel that having your children learn a foreign language can help them develop rich cultural and developmental skills. We hope you take advantage of booking a language class at these online and in-person schools in the Leawood area. Is there another language class that we missed you can recommend? If so, feel free to let us know and we’ll add your suggestion to our list.