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Why a Before and After School Program Is Important

A before and after school program is beneficial for both the parent and child. This kind of program allows a child to refine what they’ve learned, complete their homework, make friends, and develop social skills with instructors. A before and after school program also offers a child additional academic support, increases their school-based participation, and improves their emotional competencies. As a parent, this program is beneficial because it ensures that your child receives the care and attention they deserve if you have to go to work early, stay at the office late, or complete errands for your family.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in the Before and After School Program at Crème de la Crème

Here are just a few of the benefits of enrolling your child at Crème de la Crème’s before and after school program in Cedar Park, Texas:

Homework Help

Here at Crème de la Crème in Cedar Park, our instructors help students with their homework. This ensures they can complete it correctly and ask questions if they come across any issues. Our instructors can assist with various subjects, including math, reading, writing, and science. They can also assist students pursuing STEAM disciplines with coding and robotics projects.

Our team also provides assistance with language development. At our Cedar Park location, we have instructors who are qualified to help students with American Sign Language, Spanish, or Mandarin. They help students increase their communication skills and provide them with a deeper understanding of cultures that may be different from their own.

A Structured Experience

Our staff at Crème de la Crème in Cedar Park strives to create a productive environment for learning and play. We aim to provide a structured experience so that students can reap optimal benefits, but we still promote a sense of casualness so that students can exercise their creativity. We stray from the loud, distracting, and overcrowded environment that you may associate with a traditional daycare setting.

Ancillary Programs

When your child attends our before and after school program, they’ll have ample opportunities to remain active and engaged. At our Cedar Park location, we have a tennis court, an indoor gym, an outdoor basketball court, age-appropriate playgrounds, a bowling alley, and a soccer field. Our students can also participate in karaoke in the media room, complete crafts in the art studio, and visit the outdoor garden and sensory area. They partake in all these activities under the supervision of qualified instructors.

Balanced Nutrition

Our facility in Cedar Park is a peanut and tree nut-free facility. We ensure to offer our morning students a healthy breakfast and morning snack, and our after-school students get an afternoon snack to eat while they’re at the facility and a snack to take home with them. We prepare all food in our in-house kitchen and provide vegetarian options for students who follow vegetarian diets. Our staff allows parents to provide their students with special food if they have a doctor’s note. We treat any restrictions seriously and ensure that your child gets well-balanced meals and snacks.

Included School Supplies

To enjoy all that our facility has to offer, we provide our students with all the school supplies they’ll need. This includes stationery supplies, art materials, and sports equipment. The fees that parents pay for before and after school programs include school supplies, so your child will never have to bring in anything of their own aside from any homework they wish to complete during their time here.


Convenient Transportation for Crème de la Crème's Before and After School Program

Our Cedar Park location provides convenient transportation for our students so that parents don’t have to go out of their way in their busy schedules. We provide evening busing for students coming from Knowles Elementary School, Cedar Park Charter School, Forest North Elementary School, Live Oak Elementary School, Naumann Elementary School, Faubion Elementary School, Harmony – School of Endeavor, Deer Creek Elementary School, Reed Elementary School, Winkley Elementary School, and Cypress Elementary School.

If your child attends C.C. Mason Elementary, we can provide both morning and evening busing. Note that our staff currently cannot provide busing to or from Spicewood Springs Elementary School. For a current busing schedule, you can visit our facility-specific page. Be sure to contact us about dropping your child off for a couple of hours in the morning or in the evening when their primary school is closed for the day.

Our Commitment to Providing a Safe and Enjoyable Learning Environment

First and foremost, our team at Cedar Park commits to providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for your child. We employ well-trained instructors who are taught to meet all your child’s needs. All our employees undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure we only bring the best of the best onto our staff. Our teachers also partake in regular staff meetings and learning programs to ensure they can provide the best supplemental instruction possible to students who attend the before and after school program.

We also implement several security measures, including a biometric fingerprint scanner and multiple cameras within and outside the facility. All our staff members always follow state and federal regulations regarding child safety and educational standards so that they can play safely and partake in productive learning.

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Our staff at Crème de la Crème in Cedar Park, Texas, is ready to provide your child with a productive and safe place they can spend before or after school. If you’d like to further inquire about our before and after school program or our facility in Cedar Park, you can contact us today to speak with a team member. We’ll help you schedule a tour of our facility or enroll your child in our program.

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