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Why Infant Care Is Important

An infant care program provides you with the opportunity to return to work. More importantly, it also provides your child with intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and a safe environment to encourage a sense of self and independence. A well-rounded and nurturing infant care program will supervise your child while encouraging their social, emotional, physical, and language development.

As your baby grows, they’ll learn how to share, take turns, and play together through unstructured and structured activities in an infant care program. A quality program will also give you and your child familiar faces, regular hours of care, and a reliable environment with a flexible routine. Knowing that your infant is well-cared for by trained professionals will make it that much easier to return to work.

How Will Your Infant Prosper When They Attend Infant Care

Our infant care program at Crème de la Crème allows your child to prosper through social interaction, a routine schedule, sensory stimulation, and language acquisition.

Social Interaction

Your child will interact with other infants in our infant care program as well as with our caregivers regularly. These interactions will help your infant develop social skills, friendships, and trusting relationships. Social interactions allow your child to build self-awareness and self-confidence through various activities. A bonus of social interactions in a high-quality infant care program is that it may also help ease everyone’s anxiety about leaving them with a family member or babysitter for a rare night out.

Routine Schedule

Every infant has its own schedule for feeding and diaper changes. Helping your child develop a routine as they grow benefits their nutritional patterns and sleep habits. A routine can also help your child develop skills associated with listening and following directions.

Sensory Stimulation

Infants explore everything through sensory stimulation, and a high-quality infant care program should encourage this exploration and provide them with a safe way to explore. Infants taste, touch, feel, and smell new toys, foods, and even friends. Crème de la Crème provides your infant with art, music, and physical movement experiences to help them play and learn through various sensory experiences.

Language Acquisition

Crème de la Crème infant care program encourages language development through reading to your child, access to print materials, and social interactions. Infants are taught how to communicate with others and express themselves through language.


Infant Care Program in Ellisville, Missouri

Crème de la Crème infant care program in Ellisville, Missouri, offers an age-appropriate curriculum to help your child grow into a ready-to-learn toddler. Curriculum includes:

  • Language acquisition
  • Body awareness
  • Motor control activities
  • Social and emotional interactions

We provide a safe, nurturing environment for your infant to stretch their body and brain as they develop future learning skills. Our supervised infant area is soft and clean, allowing your infant to safely explore the world around them.

Benefits of Sending Your Child to an Infant Care Program

When you send your infant to Crème de la Crème infant care program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child is in good hands. All it takes is one visit to our facility, and you’ll know you’ve selected the right place for your infant. Our Crème de la Crème infant care program provides benefits such as:

Parent Connectivity App

We use an app to log all feeding times and amounts, diaper changes, and nap times. Our staff will also share pictures of your child at Crème de la Crème throughout the day, as well as any developmental milestones your child reached while in our care. Our parent connectivity app provides real-time information about your child, making you a part of their day at Crème de la Crème.

All-Inclusive Tuition

When you pay tuition at Crème de la Crème, you’re paying for anything your child may need while in our care. Our all-inclusive tuition means you don’t have to try to remember to grab a package of diapers on your way out the door. At Crème de la Crème, tuition includes:

  • All diapers, diaper creams, and wipes
  • All linens, including crib sheets, sleep sacks, washcloths, and bibs
  • All meals and snacks for infants old enough for table food
  • Milk for your child once they reach 12 months of age

Security and Safety

At Crème de la Crème in Ellisville, we supervise all play areas and learning centers with our eagle-eye cameras. We also require all our staff members to undergo a stringent background check along with CPR and first-aid training. To enter the building, you must enter a code and complete a biometric fingerprint screening. You can rest assured your infant will be safe in our hands.

Teacher-to-Student Ratio

We offer a strict 1-4 ratio in our infant room, which means that your child will receive plenty of one-on-one attention and supervision.

Trained Professionals

Crème de la Crème only employs highly-trained professionals throughout our centers. We provide ongoing training through “Lunch and Learn” sessions, webinars, in-personal training, and other professional development opportunities to keep our team members up-to-date on the best early education practices.

Convenient Hours

Crème de la Crème in Ellisville is open daily from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to provide you with plenty of time before and after work for child drop-off and pick-up.

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When you’re ready to select a quality infant care program, you can reach Crème de la Crème in Ellisville, Missouri, at 636-317-5790. We’re conveniently located at 15677 Manchester Road in Ellisville. Our childcare program is a trusted name because we work with you to raise exceptional children.

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