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The Advantages of Our Before- and After-School Programs for Your Child

Much of a child’s development takes place outside of formal class hours. We strive to foster our students’ growth by making ourselves available to them both before and after school. Whether your child needs academic support, time to catch up on their assignments, or a place to feel safe while you’re at work, we provide it.

Our team is devoted to nurturing students’ cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. While they’re here, your child will build lasting friendships, discover new interests, and continue to grow on their journey to academic success.

How Our Before- and After-School Programs Foster Excellence

The before and after-school programs at Crème de la Crème Centennial Hills provide numerous advantages that promote social and academic excellence, such as:

Academic Support

As soon as your child arrives, they have access to our faculty of knowledgeable educators. All of us are happy to help your child with challenging homework assignments.

A Structured Experience

Our before- and after-school programs are structured environments supervised by trained team members. Your child will not only have opportunities to socialize and catch up on their work, but also learn how to act independently under guidance.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Crème de la Crème Centennial Hills houses numerous advanced facilities for socialization and play, including an indoor gym, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, and even a bowling alley.

A Variety of Activities

At our before and after-school programs, your child will have no shortage of stimulation. Whether they’re exploring the outdoor facilities or playing games indoors, we ensure a fun, fantastic experience.


Before and After-School Program Amenities at Crème de la Crème

Students enrolled in the before- and after-school programs enjoy the following amenities:

  • Academic aid
  • Ancillary programs
  • Extended hours
  • Indoor entertainment
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Transportation
What You Get When With the Before and After-School Programs at Crème de la Crème

We provide busing to numerous local schools, including but not limited to the Coral Academy of Science, Bozarth Elementary, Rhodes Elementary, Heckethron Elementary, and Scherkenbach Elementary.

Improved Academic Performance

Homework help is an integral component of our before- and after-school programs.

Social and Emotional Learning

Being around their peers and supervised by our trained staff, your child will develop both socially and emotionally.

Drop-In Care

When local schools are closed and we’re open, we provide the option for drop-in care so that your child has a secure environment to spend the day.

A Secure Setting

Because your child’s safety is our top priority, we’ve installed cameras in all of our classrooms to monitor the facilities.

Peace of Mind

When you enroll your child in our before- and after-school programs, you can rest assured knowing they’re supervised by dedicated professionals.

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