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Why Infant Care Is Important

Infant care is often necessary for families with two working parents, but it also offers a wealth of benefits for babies. A quality infant care program can boost a child’s communication and language development by offering an ideal setting for them to learn how to speak and express emotions.

Infant care programs also offer a safe environment where trained professionals will give babies the care and attention they need while their parents are working. At the same time, infant care programs offer families stability by maintaining regular hours and reliable facilities that give them peace of mind.

Why Your Child Will Prosper When They Attend a Private Infant Care Program in Maple Grove, Minnesota

You can expect a range of benefits for your child when you enroll them in a private infant care program, including:

Personalized Attention for Your Child

Here at Crème de la Crème of Maple Grove, we understand how important personalized attention is for your baby’s safety and learning. Our class structures optimize the personalized care each infant in our program receives. Our infant care program welcomes babies from 6 weeks to 12 months old, and we organize our classes in two sections: 6 weeks to 7 months old and 7 months to 12 months old. With a maximum class size of eight, you can rest assured your child will receive care and education while with babies in similar developmental stages.

Age-appropriate Learning

A quality infant care program creates an engaging curriculum to encourage babies to discover the world around them in their own unique way. Our infant program fosters a nurturing environment that introduces infants to healthy social and emotional interaction. At the same time, our innovative curriculum develops lifelong skills like motor control, body awareness, and language acquisition.

Academic Preparation

It’s never too early for a child to start learning. Crème de la Crème’s curriculum gets even our youngest students experimenting to discover how things work. Our infant program lays the foundation for babies to think actively and prepares them to keep learning in a preschool program, a public or private kindergarten, and beyond.

Clean and Safe Environment

All infant play areas at Crème de la Crème are designed as nurturing settings for our young learners to prepare their brains and bodies for future learning. That means shoe-free infant classrooms supervised continually by a professional team. An on-site cleaning crew lets teachers keep their focus on the babies, and we use a three-step sanitizing process on changing tables and throughout our classrooms. We also wash crib sheets every day.


The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Crème de la Crème Maple Grove's Infant Care Program

A quality infant care program can do wonders for your child’s academic preparation and the development of their social and emotional skills, but it’s often a necessity for many families. We make it easy for parents and caregivers in and around Maple Grove to get the high-quality infant care they seek. The Crème de la Crème facility is located just off Bass Lake Road, so it’s easy to access from anywhere in the community. We also cater to busy and working families by keeping our facility open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Infant Care Curriculum Offered at Crème de la Crème Maple Grove

We offer an infant care program that goes beyond simply providing day care by encouraging our youngest students’ increasing need for independence as they develop a sense of self. Our infant program curriculum stimulates intellectual growth and socialization, encouraging your child to explore in a safe and supportive setting.

Crème de la Crème’s infant program curriculum includes:

  • Baby sign language
  • Social and emotional interaction
  • Language acquisition
  • Body awareness
  • Motor control
Additional Benefits of Attending Infant Care at Crème de la Crème Maple Grove, Minnesota
Care and Nutrition

We ensure constant care for your child, including meeting their nutritional needs. We offer meals for children on table food and milk for children over the age of 1. We also take allergies seriously and maintain a peanut- and tree-nut-free facility.

Flexibility for Families

We understand that every family’s needs are different. We offer weekly and monthly tuition models to make sure you get the infant care that’s right for your schedule and your child.

Interaction and Support

Crème de la Crème uses a parent connectivity app to ensure you stay informed throughout the day. This app gives you on-the-go access to information about nap times, diaper changes, eating times and amounts, and development milestones. You can also use the app to communicate with team members and see photos of your little one.

Bedding and Diapering Supplies

Our all-inclusive program includes diapers, diaper creams, and wipes. The program also includes crib sheets and other linens like bibs, washcloths, and sleep sacks.

Ongoing Training for Teachers

The highly educated teachers at Crème de la Crème go through extensive training. This starts at new employee orientation, where the director of curriculum carefully reviews all program aspects and continues with “Lunch and Learns,” staff meetings, and an annual in-service training day. Our team members receive curriculum manuals that include professional development, a subscription to the Child Care Education Institute, and webinars and in-person training led by Crème de la Crème’s education department throughout the year.

Safety and Security

Your baby’s safety and security are our top priority. You can rest assured your child will learn in a meticulously clean room that’s soft enough for tiny hands and feet. We also have cameras on campus and a biometric fingerprint scanner at the front door.

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Crème de la Crème’s Maple Grove, Minnesota, team looks forward to helping your child learn and grow in our infant care program. Feel free to contact us today with any questions about our Maple Grove facility and infant care curriculum.

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