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Toddler Care in Mesa, AZ

1842 S Crismon Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

Admissions & Enrollment: 480-210-2201 Schedule a tour

Why Toddler Care Is Important

Our toddler care program is for children aged 12 months to 18 months, and toddler care is vital during this part of your child’s life. Through passionate teaching and attentive nurturing, we help your toddler become more curious about the world. Our dedicated team members focus on helping your child develop their social skills and learn to interact well with others, which can help them make friends and flourish through the rest of their schooling.

Toddler Growth at Crème de la Crème in Mesa, AZ

We know you want your toddler to grow and thrive. These are some aspects of our program that encourage learning and development:


With a daily routine for meals, snacks, play, naps, and changings, we help your child find comfort in the schedule and transition easily from task to task.


From visual to physical stimulation, we avoid boredom by ensuring your toddler has the option to engage with their environment and nurture their curiosity about the world.


We help your child learn to speak and offer additional languages like Mandarin, Spanish, and American Sign Language.


Socializing is important for toddlers to connect with their families and themselves, and we provide adequate opportunities for toddlers to create relationships with caretakers and other toddlers.


High-Quality Toddler Care

Some vital components of our nurturing curriculum here at Crème de la Crème include:

  • Storytelling and reading
  • Creative expression
  • Music and dancing
  • Outdoor time for play
Advantages of Sending Your Child to Mesa's Crème de la Crème

We incorporate materials, activities, and toys into our program that help your child grow.


Our regular schedule and consistent support help your child feel comfortable and safe during their time with us.

Tuition Coverage

The fees you pay for the toddler care program at Crème de la Crème come without surprises because everything is covered, including sleeping materials, meals, drinks, snacks, and diapers.

Health and Safety

Toddler love to touch everything, which is why we prioritize cleanliness through regular disinfection and sanitization for all surfaces in the facility to provide your child with a safe space to play and explore.

Parent Connection App

No matter where you are and what you’re doing, check in with your child by checking the app to learn more about eating, napping, and developmental milestones.

Dedicated Staff

We ensure each member of our staff is capable of providing your child with the high-quality care they deserve through background checks, rigorous training, and continuous education.

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème Mesa

We’re located at 1842 South Crismon Road Mesa, AZ 85209. We’ve recently opened our doors to the community, but we’re prepared to offer high-quality toddler care in Mesa, Arizona. Want to take a tour of our facilities and meet our professionals? Contact us at 480-210-2201 to schedule a tour.

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