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Private Preschool in South Barrington, IL

100 West Higgins Road, South Barrington, IL 60010

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Your Child Begins Their Educational Journey Attending Preschool

Young kids learn important social skills like sharing, being polite, and listening when they go to preschool. High-quality private preschools elevate the preschool experience with researched-based curriculums and enrichment classes such as art, music, and creative movement. Once you’ve decided to send your youngster to a private preschool, search for one like Crème de la Crème of South Barrington that creates a strong foundation for their academic journey in a warm and nurturing environment.

How Crème de la Crème of South Barrington Can Help Your Preschooler Learn Essential Academic Skills

Our mission at Crème de la Crème of South Barrington is to give your preschooler a whole-child approach to education in a fun environment. All of our team members understand the importance of nurturing cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and communication skills in a safe, fun, and professional manner. Reasons your child will excel in their academic skills by attending our private preschool include:

Classroom Rotation

Studies show that children of preschool age often get antsy sitting in one classroom all day. We have an innovative approach to keeping youngsters engaged with our classroom rotation schedule. Your child starts their school day in their main classroom with their primary teacher. Every 30 minutes, the kids get to go to an enrichment class with a specific teacher. We have nine classes included in our rotation schedule:

  • S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Lab
  • Coconut Theater
  • Second Language Library
  • Krem TV Room
  • Art Studio
  • Digital Tech Lab
  • Creative Movement Studio
  • Gym
  • Music Studio

Research-Based Curriculum Designed for Children Ages 2 to 4

Our teachers use Frog Street’s comprehensive research-based curriculum to teach your children and prepare them for kindergarten and elementary school. This program utilizes 10 learning domains that are interactive and engaging. Preschoolers have fun learning via this program which helps them on their road to academic success.

Robotics, Coding, and Digital Fluency

Our robotics and coding course help young kids develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. We use hands-on activities, computer software programs, and exciting apps that teach children about patterns, sequencing, and spatial awareness.

Focused Attention for Your Preschooler

With our small class sizes, our teachers can give your child focused attention and help them learn at their own pace. Our preschool for children ages 2 to 3 has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1-to-8. Our preschool for children ages 3 to 4 has a ratio of 1-to-10.


Crème de la Crème of South Barrington's Private Preschool Curriculum

Our private preschool program offers children an advanced curriculum that includes:

  • Coding and robotics (3 years and up)
  • S.T.E.A.M.
  • Spanish and Mandarin
  • Language arts
  • Music
  • Classroom rotation schedule
  • 120 minutes of active daily play
Additional Benefits of Having Your Youngster Attend Our Private Preschool at Crème de la Crème of South Barrington
Learning Another Language

Young children are using the part of their brain to learn their native language and it’s easy for them to grasp and learn other languages as well. At Crème de la Crème of South Barrington, we teach Spanish as one of our rotation classes and Mandarin via CD-ROM.

Ancillary Classes

For a minimal fee, your child can attend one of our ancillary classes to help uniquely express themselves, find hidden talent, and get extra exercise. Our ancillary classes at Crème de la Crème of South Barrington include:

  • Sandlot Tots
  • Jump Bunch
  • Gymnastics
  • Karate
  • Ballet

120 Minutes of Active Play

Kids need to stay active to help keep their minds clear and their bodies in healthy shape. We encourage kids to play sports, dance in our creative movement studio, and have fun romping on the play structures and playground equipment. Our play amenities include:

  • Creative movement studio
  • Water park and splash pad
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Age-appropriate play structures and playgrounds

All-Inclusive Tuition

When your child comes to our private preschool, they’ll get wholesome meals, snacks, and organic milk to keep them fueled for their school day. We understand that some children have allergies to select foods, and our early learning and daycare center is free from tree nuts, peanuts, and almond milk. Also included in your tuition are art, music, and all school supplies.

Safe and Secure Facility

You’ll have peace of mind that your child is in a safe place when they attend private preschool at Crème de la Crème of South Barrington. Our facility has eagle-eye cameras placed in all classrooms and throughout the property that a team member monitors closely. In addition, anyone entering the facility must use our biometric fingerprint and access code process. One of our friendly team members is always at the front desk to greet visitors.

Professional Teachers

We pride ourselves on the professional training for our teachers. All our teachers have certifications in CPR and first aid. In addition, we give them a subscription to the ChildCare Education Institute, the early childhood learning accreditation organization. We also have in-person training seminars, frequent staff meetings, and curriculum updates.

Schedule A Tour at Crème de la Crème South Barrington

Your children ages 2 to 4 will enjoy spending their days with us at Crème de la Crème of South Barrington while developing their academic, emotional, and social skills in a warm and nurturing environment. We invite you to contact us and learn more about our private preschool program, schedule a tour of our early learning center, and enroll your youngster in Crème de la Crème of South Barrington’s private preschool. You can find us at 100 W. Higgins Road from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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