Emergent Literacy

Children start to understand reading and writing from the moment they are born. Every day, they are interacting with words and images that will help shape their future learning. Emergent literacy is a term that is used to explain a child’s knowledge of reading and writing skills before they learn how to read and write… Read more

Teaching Thankfulness

With the holiday season approaching, families tend to spend time talking about what they are thankful for. Talking about thankfulness is beneficial to children for it teaches them a lesson that will last a lifetime! Young children learn through watching, so demonstrate thankfulness this holiday season with the following tips: Teach them about what is… Read more

Toddlers in child cooking class.

Culinary Education and S.T.E.A.M.

                Does your child love to help in the kitchen? Are they always asking to stir the bowl or do they enjoy playing with your pots and pans?                 Children’s curiosity tends to lead them to the kitchen. It is a place where we spend a lot of our day whether that is cooking, spending… Read more

The Importance of Imagination

                We spend the first few years of a child’s life trying to introduce them to what they need to know and understand. Grass is green. The sky is blue. You use your fork to eat instead of your fingers. Around the age of three, children start to understand the difference between imagination and reality…. Read more

Letting Your Children Benefit from Having Responsibility

When is it developmentally appropriate to have young children start doing chores and what should they do? Young children can be given chores as soon as they are physically capable of navigating around their house safely. These should be simple and fun so that the momentum of helping out continues. Example:         Putting rolled up… Read more

students and teacher building with blocks

When and How to Ignore an Undesired Behavior in Your Child

We all adore our children, but let’s be honest, sometimes they behave in a way that just makes you want to tear your hair out. Screaming, whining, flailing on the ground when they don’t get their way… these are probably familiar to all of us. But, what to do about changing these behaviors?? Here is… Read more

Group of students

Ethics of an Encounter

Why it is Important to Listen to Children’s Repeated Grievances as if Each Was the First Have you ever experienced your child repeating the same complaint over and over and don’t exactly know what to do to either stop it, or understand it better? “He’s mean!”“My tummy hurts!”“I don’t like going to school!” Gunilla Dahlberg… Read more

The Role Teachers Play in Our Children’s Lives

Just recently my younger son, Jack, was assessed by his school teacher. When the results came in, she was surprised that he had done poorly in the math component because she knows that Jack LOVES math; he brags that it is his “best subject.” She explained to me what had happened, her concern, and asked… Read more

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