Yoga offers a great way for kids to recharge from our fast-paced, tech-heavy culture. It gives them to chance to focus solely on connecting breath and movement, and the more often they practice, the more they’ll benefit. If your child has shown an interest in yoga, here are five places where they can get on the mat near Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Healthwise Studio

While any physical activity your children engage in will activate their mind and body, yoga aims to bring the two into harmony. Practicing this ancient tradition involves much more than stretching into different shapes. It’s the combination of postures, regulated breathing techniques, hand poses, and meditation.

Healthwise Studio is one of the area’s best places for yoga. Located on 86th Avenue North, this studio helps you and the kids combine fitness and relaxation. Instructors designed its child-centered family yoga classes for fun. This unique program creates a space where parents can connect with their kids, and everyone can feel part of the studio’s community.

You’ll participate in the movements alongside your children within a supportive group. Whether you’re looking to develop a healthier lifestyle together or you want to take advantage of the child development principles that yoga provides, you’ll all grow on some level. You can also further your family’s holistic journey with a free activity at Healthwise Studio. The Pockets of Peace weekly meditation class is a laid-back group that shares tips with beginner to advanced meditators.

Yoga Garden

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The Yoga Garden is a local studio filled with expert teachers dedicated to your family’s health and well-being. Its Kids Club with Stephanie Loes encourages children to enjoy a sense of playfulness along with focused intention. Your little ones will learn to open their hearts through patient instruction and consistent practice on the mat.

Loes combines traditional breathing exercises and meditation techniques with journaling, dance, and song. Your child will learn different poses, as well as the stories behind these “asanas.” Most importantly, this extraordinary teacher will show your kids how to move in a safe and age-appropriate way.

You may even notice that your yoga practice improves once your kids devote time to this art. They’ll begin to understand personal space and respect as they journey through this five-week program. You must pre-register your children ages four to nine for this 45-minute class. Make sure they dress comfortably, and they can freely move and stretch.


When you think of kids’ yoga classes near Chanhassen, imagine Blooma. Yoga teacher Sarah Longacre founded this unique center in 2007. This wellness center provides numerous outstanding programs for families, like prenatal yoga, childbirth education, and wellness services.

Longacre designed the BYOB (bring your own baby) yoga classes for pre-crawling infants and their caregivers. You’ll bond with your little one through movement, touch, sight, and sound while nurturing and strengthening your practice to gently engage and calm your body and mind.

As your children grow from babies to preschoolers, enroll them in Blooma’s Little Kids Yoga. This class is appropriate for children aged nine months to four years. Your little movers will join other children for yoga, songs, and stories. Parents will burn off some energy alongside your tiny yogi as you dance, play, and move through basic yoga postures together.

Even big kids will find a class at Blooma for them. Little one’s between the ages of four to eight work independently of parents through a guided yoga practice. As a result, they’ll see improvements in concentration, better grades, less anxiety, and more energy than ever before. As your kids work through the program, they’ll display more self-confidence in their everyday lives, and they’ll learn tools that will help them navigate our busy world throughout their lifetime.

There’s even a free new mom’s group at Blooma for moms and babies from birth to one year. You’ll connect with other parents, share advice, and discuss life with your infant. Blooma often brings in guest speakers that offer professional insight into popular parenting topics.

Yoga Sanctuary

Yoga Sanctuary is another noteworthy studio near home. Its Holistic Kids Yoga class is an eight-week series for school-aged children from six to 10. In this program, students and instructors have loads of fun on the mat, learning and moving together. Classes are playful yet challenging while nurturing each child’s inner spirit. Kids will learn how to grow interpersonal life skills and connect with other youths through movement, games, poses, and relaxation techniques.

The Shape Shifters is a class Yoga Sanctuary created for yogis between two and six years old. With a parent, your kids will spend five or six weeks, depending on the season, using the elements of yoga and shapes. They’ll stretch, bend, and extend their little bodies into circles, stars, and triangles.

There’s also a youth program for middle and high school girls, as well as tween and teen retreats. The studio invites parents like you to stay engaged with your child’s experience through Yoga Sanctuary’s weekly family newsletter.

Learning Tree Yoga

Learning Tree Yoga is a studio just for kids. It offers drop-in classes on two Saturdays a month. Leaders focus on teaching yoga foundations, as well as core values. Beyond poses, students will explore the world through music and reading.

In addition to preschool, school-age, and family classes in the studio, you can also enroll your family in online courses. Learning Tree’s top yoga instructors bring the lessons to you on your schedule. These on-demand videos allow you to fit this wholesome physical activity into any child’s busy day. You can also check out its companion program for your little ones ages two to six.

As you can see, there are several places where you and your kids can learn yoga together and bond at the same time. Did you see one that interests your family? Did we skip your favorite local studio — one Minnesota parents will love? If we did, let us know! Please send us a note so we can add your recommendation to our guide.