Baby Playing with toys

Developmentally Appropriate Toys

It is important to remember that certain toys are designed and developed for children at different ages and stages of their lives. As your little one ages, they will eventually grow out of certain toys that once brought them a lot of joy and fulfillment. When going through toys, it is also important to remember… Read more

Students Outside

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Round-Up is around the corner for many schools. This is the time of year for you to find the Kindergarten program that is right for your little one. But beyond getting your them signed up for Kindergarten, what else can you do to make sure they are ready for that next big step? Read… Read more

Integrating Multicultural Learning into the Classroom

Integrating multicultural learning into the classroom is important at the preschool age to help broaden a student’s prospective. While it might seem hard to introduce children to different multicultural experiences, there are many fun and easy ways to incorporate those activities into their daily learning and discussion. Mix up dinner time! Did you know that… Read more

child using puzzle

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Mastering fine motor skills is a tricky task for children to learn, but with it brings so much more independence. At young ages, parents are responsible for every little thing from tying shoelaces to zipping up coats. As your child ages, it is great to relinquish some of those responsibilities by having them do it…… Read more

Sensory Experiences

Sensory Activities… you hear these words and think, “That activity has to be messy”. We associate sensory experiences with letting your child get dirty, or making a mess in your home, but that is not always the case! You can create a valuable sensory learning experience that does not (always) require a vacuum or bath… Read more

Wants vs. Needs this Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of exciting adventures for you and your family. Whether you are traveling to visit friends and family or embracing the cold weather with ice skating, sledding, and delicious hot cocoa, families are enjoying the holidays in their own way. With all of the excitement, kids are also being exposed to… Read more

child smiling

Raising an Optimist

Is your child quick to give up or hard on themselves when they fail? Changing one’s mindset from negative to positive can be a challenge. Children who are optimists are able to better deal with life’s challenges and are happier. Everyone wants their child to succeed in life, but raising a child with that positive… Read more

Emergent Literacy

Children start to understand reading and writing from the moment they are born. Every day, they are interacting with words and images that will help shape their future learning. Emergent literacy is a term that is used to explain a child’s knowledge of reading and writing skills before they learn how to read and write… Read more