How often do you go to your local library? Rarely, if ever? Your local library is a powerful place, and it has a lot more to it than you might think. There are in-person, digital, and virtual options to help any reader or inquiring mind get some stimulation. Although the library is a place of peace and quiet, it’s also filled with exciting opportunities and fascinating information. Here are just a few ways in which you can take full advantage of your local library.

Books of All Kinds

A view of the inside of a local library with a man reading at one of the tables.

Library 1” licensed through CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by Ken Hawkins

The first thing you probably think about when you consider going to the library is checking out books. After all, that is the primary purpose of the library. licensed through

Next time you visit, take full advantage of your library’s offerings by branching outside your usual genre. You can find fiction books range from sci-fi adventures and murder-mystery thrillers to romances. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about a certain subject, like psychology or presidential history, you can find non-fiction books to check out or even sit and read right there in the library. Having a book in your hand is a tangible way to feel the information flowing.

Movies, Music, and Audio

Libraries aren’t all about reading. In fact, they offer many other forms of entertainment and ways to stimulate your brain. In addition to books, you can check out movies or even whole TV show seasons to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Or, if there’s a particular album you’ve wanted to hear but don’t want to buy until you know whether or not you like it, you may be able to check that out from the library. For those who don’t like to read but still enjoy stories, the library has audiobooks that you can listen to during your next trip or a long commute to work.

Other Odds and Ends

If you think that libraries are just about media entertainment, you are missing out. Libraries actually have a variety of other things you may be able to check out, depending on the location. 

Some libraries, for example, have baking pans in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to bake a special cake for your nephew, you might be able to find a Spiderman baking pan. You may not want to buy something you are only going to use once, but checking it out from the library gives you the opportunity to do something different without spending any money. 

Libraries also often have passes to local museums and other area locations that you can check out for a certain day and use. If there’s an exhibit you want to see, check with your library first and go from there. You library may also have puzzles, both for kids and for adults. If you just like putting puzzles together and don’t care about keeping them, get one from the library, put it together, take it apart, and return it.

Virtual Library Options

Some people have a hard time making the trip to the library amidst their work schedule and their otherwise busy life — and that’s okay. The library is available to anyone and everyone, whether you go to the actual building or not. Once you have a library card, you can unlock virtual options like digital audiobooks and e-books that you can download right onto your tablet or phone to keep you entertained on the go.


If you enjoy reading and you don’t mind not having an actual book in your hand, you can download endless e-books from your library from any location. You can borrow those books, just as you would a library book, and have access to them for a certain length of time on your tablet, your phone, or an e-reader. It’s an easy way to carry several books with you everywhere you go so you can still get your reading in. With apps like Overdrive, it’s easy to download and read at your leisure.


You can also download audiobooks directly to your phone so you can plug the phone into your car and listen to the latest read as you drive. You might also put on some headphones and listen while you work out or get some things done around the house. Audiobooks are handy to have available when you need some entertainment to kill time or relieve boredom.

Reading Groups

While it’s fun to read the latest novel on your own, it’s even more fun to talk about it with others who are reading the same thing. Libraries often have a full schedule of reading groups that meet weekly or perhaps monthly to discuss certain books. You can meet other people in the same stage of life or who share your interests, talk about the latest books on the market, and enjoy debating topics relating to those books. 

You may also find other library clubs, ranging from writers’ groups to quilting clubs. You never know what kind of group you might join until you check the library calendar and see what is available.

Special Sessions

Not only do libraries have regular group meetings for a variety of clubs and groups, but they also often have special sessions of interest. There might be arts and crafts sessions where an instructor shows you how to make flower bouquets from colored paper or a resume-writing workshop to aid with your job search. Libraries often bring in guest speakers, too, to talk about community-related subjects. You might find out that your library regularly hosts local author fairs, reading programs, puppet or magic shows for kids, and other fun events.

The next time you feel the need for some enrichment, check with your local library and see what wonders you can find. With a calendar of events and a building filled with books and other items to check out, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find plenty for the kids to enjoy, too. And for more stimulating children’s activities, consider enrolling your child in Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree, CO. We would love to help your child being their own journey of learning and discovery!