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Things to Do on a Gray Day in Lone Tree, CO

Cat stuck inside on a rainy day in Lone Tree, CO.

We all know that Colorado weather can be a bit unpredictable: One minute it’s sunny, and the next, you’re stuck with a gray, gloomy day. But don’t let the clouds rain on your parade! Lone Tree has a plethora of indoor activities that are perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained. From jump parks to museums,… Read more

Finding a CSA Box in the Lone Tree Area

Bundle of veggies from Lone Tree, CO CSA box.

CSA is short for community-supported agriculture, a way for people to connect to a local farm to receive fresh meat, produce, or other foods local farmers provide. Most often this involves paying a membership fee and then paying per bag or box of food weekly or monthly, depending on desired frequency. The items are then… Read more

5 Mommy & Me Classes in Lone Tree, CO

A child playing on a Lone Tree, CO playground.

Taking mommy and me classes with your little ones not only lets you socialize with other adults, but also allows you time to interact with your child. While young children and toddlers may feel uncomfortable interacting with other kids, they’ll feel safe having their mommy with them. You, as the mother, are your child’s first… Read more

Music Classes for Kids Around Lone Tree, CO

Child playing the violin in a Lone Tree, CO music class.

Music is a fantastic interest that can benefit your children at every stage of their development and throughout the rest of their life. Research has linked learning to play an instrument and practicing music with improved critical thinking, cognitive development, fine motor skills, and communication abilities. What’s more, learning to sing or play an instrument can… Read more

7 Farmers Markets to Try Near Lone Tree, CO

Woman working a stall at a farmers market.

Local farmers markets give you access to fresh, seasonal produce grown on nearby farms as well as artisan food goods from local makers. Shopping at these markets is a great way to support local producers and small businesses. Plus, you can find unique items you can’t get elsewhere. In the Lone Tree area, many of… Read more