Taking mommy and me classes with your little ones not only lets you socialize with other adults, but also allows you time to interact with your child. While young children and toddlers may feel uncomfortable interacting with other kids, they’ll feel safe having their mommy with them. You, as the mother, are your child’s first playmate, so they feel secure around you when they meet other people.

You can help your child develop essential cognitive, social, and developmental skills when you take them to various mommy and me classes. Our team at Crème de la Crème understands the importance of participating in a variety of classes with your youngsters. So, we’ve put together this list of the best mommy and me classes in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area.

The Little Gym of Park Meadows

A child playing on a Lone Tree, CO playground.
Image via Flickr by donnierayjones Licensed CC BY 2.0

You and our kids will have fun meeting other kids and moms while moving, dancing, and playing in any of the mommy and me classes offered at The Little Gym of Park Meadows. The staff at this gym uses a curriculum based on a holistic approach to learning. With this approach, your child can master physical, emotional, and developmental skills to carry them through life. The Little Gym of Park Meadows design their parent/child movement and gymnastics classes by age group.

Each class helps children develop essential physical skills to help build their strength, coordination, and mobility. In addition, these classes help your child learn to listen, communicate, and share.

Location: 8600 Park Meadows Drive Suite #750 in Lone Tree

Contact: 303-952-9393

SafeSplash Swim School Parker/Lone Tree

If you wonder what age should my child learn to swim, the answer is as soon as you feel comfortable. Having your little take swimming lessons early in their life can help them learn water safety, develop motor skills, and enjoy exercising in the water. One of the best places for you to take a mommy and me swim class is at SafeSplash Swim School Parker/Lone Tree.

For little ones 6-to18-months old, you can sign up for the ParentTot I or II classes. You, the instructor, and the child will work together to learn the fundamentals of water movement and safety in a fun and safe environment.Once your child reaches the age of 2, they can take the Toddler Transition class. In this class, you’ll sit poolside for support while letting the instructor work on advancing your child’s swimming skills.

Location:12240 Lioness Way in Parker

Contact: 303-625-9917

Belly Bliss

Introduce your baby to yoga when you take the Baby & Me Yoga class at Bliss Belly in Denver. The yoga instructors designed this class for pre-crawler and non-mobile babies so that the parent can enjoy practicing yoga themselves while showing the little one basic yoga moves. Each yoga move in this class focuses on the postpartum body that allows you to interact with your wee one.

When you and your baby practice select yoga poses, the baby will often feel relief from gas, reflux, or colic. In addition, the poses will help the baby learn about body awareness, establish good sleeping habits, and increase physical development.

If you have a toddler between the ages of one to five years old, sign up for the Parent & Toddler Yoga class. This is a fun, interactive class where the toddler will learn balance and coordination, and build strength while learning about body awareness. Other aspects of this Belly Bliss class include mindfulness practices through song, storytelling, and games.

Location:300 Josephine St. Suite 230 in Denver

Contact: 303-399-1191

The Art Garage

Bring out the inner artist in you and your child when you take any of the Artsy Tots classes at The Art Garage in Denver. These fun and interactive toddler and me art classes, designed for children ages one through five, introduce your youngster to the world of art. Each 45-minute class offers mommy and me participants structured activities designed to let toddlers learn the basics of art while using their creativity.

The instructors at The Art Garage use age-appropriate materials that help your toddler develop fine motor skills while piquing their curiosity about various forms of art. Watch The Art Garage’s website for special mommy and me classes and workshops held throughout the year.

Location: 6100 E 23rd Ave. in Denver

Contact: 303-377-2353

Kids Wonder

Playing is a fabulous way for kids to learn about the world around them. When children play, they develop motor and social skills, learn how to share, and make new friends. If you’d like to interact in a playful environment with your child and with other mothers with small children, sign up for a Big & Lil’ Play Class at Kids Wonder.

These structured, playful classes build on the child’s physical, emotional, and social skills while having the security of their mom interacting with them. When you take a Big & Lil’ class, you and your toddler will enjoy singing, dancing, playing games, and making art together.

The toddler area of Kids Wonder has age-appropriate soft play climbing equipment, small playhouses, slides, and a tiny bounce house perfect for growing bodies. After working up an appetite at a mommy and me play class, stop by the snack bar for healthy treats. You’ll find fresh fruit, yogurt, energy bars, cheese sticks, and snack packs to refuel you and your little one.

Location: 7562 S. University Blvd. Suite GG in Centennial

Contact: 303-835-0709

One reason that families love living in Lone Tree is that there are plenty of other kids to play with. You have plenty of great opportunities to take mommy and me classes around the Lone Tree area to meet other moms and for your kids to make new friends. 

From all of us at Crème de la Crème, we hope you enjoy attending these five mommy and me classes around Lone Tree. Which class is your favorite and why? Is there a class that your little one can’t wait to go back to? Can you suggest another mommy and me class in the area that we missed? If so, please let us know and we’ll add your recommendation to our list.