Music is a fantastic interest that can benefit your children at every stage of their development and throughout the rest of their life. Research has linked learning to play an instrument and practicing music with improved critical thinking, cognitive development, fine motor skills, and communication abilities. What’s more, learning to sing or play an instrument can lead to a lifelong hobby or professional career in performance or teaching.

So if you’re thinking about enrolling your little maestro in some music lessons, here are six fantastic places in and around Lone Tree where your kids can take music classes.

Music & Arts

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Music & Arts is an instrument and music shop that sells, rents, and maintains musical instruments of all kinds, along with hosting music lessons for all ages. At the Lone Tree location, you can sign your children up for private lessons that take place at the store or in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can buy your kids’ instruments from the same place where they’re taking lessons, streamlining the whole process.

If your children don’t have any or very much experience with an instrument or music in general, you can sign them up for a beginner lesson. If they have some prior experience or want to level up, sign them up for an experienced-level lesson. The instructors at this Music & Arts location teach music theory as well as specific instruments. including lessons in voice, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, French horn, baritone, flute, piano, clarinet, violin, guitar, ukulele, and percussion.

Colorado Music Institute

The Colorado Music Institute, located in nearby Centennial, is known as one of the best music schools in the entire state. 

Their instructors offer both in-person lessons at the studio and virtual lessons kids can complete at home. There are even some group classes for certain instruments, which is a great opportunity for kids to meet other aspiring little musicians their age. What’s more, your children can perform at recitals throughout the year to show off their skills and talent, which is a wonderful confidence booster. The Institute also hosts master classes with experienced performers who teach a lesson or two to students.

The music school teaches practically every instrument, so your child can take lessons in piano, guitar, percussion, voice, ukulele, violin, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, and trumpet, as well as instruments that aren’t as common, like banjo, mandolin, euphonium, French horn, and flugelhorn. In addition, older students can take music production lessons to learn the foundations of music theory and sight-reading, improve their skills in acoustic and electric guitar, and gain experience with rock, country, blues, jazz, and classical guitar.

Denver Percussion

Denver Percussion is also located in nearby Centennial, and this percussion shop sells and rents out percussion instruments of all kinds. They also have a staff of highly skilled instructors who specialize in playing and teaching percussion instruments, like drum sets, marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, snare drums, bass drums, tambourines, timpani, and others. 

This school offers private lessons and group lessons for kids ages 4 years old and up. The curriculum covers many genres of music, including jazz, Latin, funk, blues, rock, world music, and classical. That means kids can learn the foundations of many types of music and find the genres they enjoy playing the most.

Learning to play percussion also helps with foundational skills, like staying on tempo and keeping time, which is important for every musician, no matter the instrument. Whether your child is begging for a drum set or they’re learning to play another instrument entirely, consider signing them up for percussion lessons with the tempo masters at Denver Percussion.

Modern Music Studio

Modern Music Studio in Centennial has been teaching students how to play a variety of instruments for nearly 30 years. They offer lessons in piano, bass, drums, guitar, and voice. More experienced students, like teens, can even take DJ lessons. 

This studio also offers live recording sessions and hosts regular special events that bring young students together to practice their instruments and make friends. Friday Nights Out lets you drop the kids off so they can learn music alongside other students, the Band Practice event is a jam session the whole family can attend, and Early Development Daytime Classes are music classes for the littlest musicians.

The Piano Playhouse

The Piano Playhouse is another Centennial-based music school where your kids can take music lessons in a variety of instruments. This school offers children’s classes to kids ages 3 years old to 10 years old, and their group classes use the Yamaha Music Education System. Each class helps students improve their hearing, singing, playing, sight-reading, and music creation skills. Kids use a variety of state-of-the-art music education technology along with other instruments, like a xylophone and other percussion instruments.

Luther Strings

Luther Strings is a Denver-based, family-owned-and-operated string instrument store that specializes in sales, rentals, and repairs. This store partners with experienced musicians and instructors to provide local families with top-notch music education and instrument lessons. Since this shop specializes in string instruments, it’s one of the best places to get and learn to play a string instrument. Teachers offer instruction in guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano. 

You can sign your kids up for either in-person lessons at the Luther Strings studio or virtual lessons. All lessons are private, one-on-one sessions, so your child gets individual attention and personalized instruction to help them learn their instrument at their speed. 

So there you have it, six places in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area where your children can take music lessons. Many of these places offer music lessons and classes to adults, too, so consider taking some lessons to learn alongside your child. 

At Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree, we incorporate music into our everyday lessons and have a few classroom elements, like the Music Studio, that focus on learning the foundations of music. Contact us today to learn more about how our whole-child curriculum can help your child thrive.