Mesa, AZ, is more than just a city; it’s a treasure trove of family fun waiting for you to explore it. Imagine a staycation where every day is a new adventure, filled with laughter, discovery, and bonding. From luxurious resorts to thrilling outdoor escapades, Mesa has it all! Let’s dive into some of the most exciting family staycation ideas in Mesa, all within a 30-minute drive of the city. Pack your bags (or not); adventure awaits right at your doorstep!

A child about to make a putt at a mini golf course in Mesa, AZ

Stay at a Family-Friendly Resort: Luxury Meets Fun

Why travel far when you can have a resort experience right in Mesa? Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Westgate Painted Mountain Golf Resort: A paradise for golf enthusiasts, this resort offers more than just a perfect swing. Think basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and a pool that feels like a tropical oasis.
  • Hyatt Place Phoenix/Mesa: Modern comfort meets family fun. Enjoy the freeform pool, indulge in shopping, or simply relax with a cup of coffee at the bar.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix/Mesa: Elegance and entertainment go hand in hand here. Explore nearby museums and parks, or unwind in the heated pool. The choice is yours!

Explore the Outdoors: Adventure Calls

Mesa’s natural beauty is an open invitation to adventure. Here’s where you can answer the call:

  • Desert Dog Off-Road Adventure: Ready for a wild ride? Experience the Sonoran Desert like never before with off-road jeep tours and tactical shooting courses.
  • Stellar Adventures: From ATV tours to hiking, this is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the desert’s many faces and make memories that last a lifetime.
  • Across Arizona Tours: History, culture, and breathtaking landscapes come together in tours that take you to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Tombstone.

Have Fun at Family-Friendly Attractions: Entertainment for All

Mesa’s attractions are a delightful mix of education, inspiration, and pure fun. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • Arizona Museum of Natural History: Step into a world of dinosaurs, fossils, and a flash flood simulation. It’s a journey through time that will leave your kids in awe.
  • i.d.e.a Museum: Creativity takes center stage here. With hands-on activities, art studios, and play zones, it’s a celebration of imagination.
  • Golfland Sunsplash: Water slides, mini golf, arcade games—this park has it all. Dive into fun and make a splash with the whole family.

Mesa Awaits, So Why Wait?

Mesa, AZ, isn’t just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive, explore, and enjoy with your family. From the luxurious comfort of family-friendly resorts to the adrenaline rush of outdoor adventures, Mesa offers a staycation that feels like a dream vacation.

And speaking of dreams, don’t forget to explore Crème de la Crème, Mesa’s premier preschool and daycare, where nurturing and education create a perfect blend. It’s the cherry on top of a city that’s committed to providing the best for its families.

So, why wait for a vacation when a staycation in Mesa, AZ, offers all the excitement and joy you could ask for? Adventure is just around the corner, and it’s calling your family’s name!

Photo by Kayla Farmer on Unsplash