Glenview, IL, a suburb of Chicago, offers its residents a variety of local clubs and organizations that cater to families and individuals with diverse interests. From community clubs that focus on charity and social activities to special interest groups that provide unique experiences, Glenview has something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the local clubs in Glenview, IL, where families can engage in community activities, pursue hobbies, and connect with like-minded individuals.

A person playing tennis at a local club in Glenview, IL

Valley Lo Club

Valley Lo Club is a family-oriented club located on a pristine 28-acre lake in Glenview. It offers a range of activities, including golf, tennis, sailing, and fitness, along with fine dining and social clubs. The club’s beach and multiple wedding venues make it a retreat for the whole family, providing a year-round vacation experience right in your own backyard.

Glenview Women’s Club

The Glenview Women’s Club is dedicated to serving the community through various initiatives. Established in 1976, the club organizes events such as “Study Buddies” Youth Services Dinner and Lemonade Stands to support local charities. They also host a book club and other social activities, fostering a sense of community and engagement among members.

Chicago North Shore Moms Network

The Chicago North Shore Moms Network is a resource for families in the Glenview area, offering information on children’s activities, local guides, and parenting tips. The network provides a platform for moms to connect, share experiences, and access a wide range of resources for family activities and events.

Glenview Art League

The Glenview Art League is a community of artists and art enthusiasts. The league hosts art shows, workshops, and educational programs, encouraging artistic expression and appreciation within the community. It’s a great place for families interested in exploring and participating in the local art scene.

Glenview Newcomers Club

The Glenview Newcomers Club is a social organization that welcomes new residents to the community. The club organizes social events, interest groups, and community service projects, helping new families integrate into the community and build lasting friendships.

Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise

The Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise is part of a global network of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in the community. The club participates in local and international service projects, providing opportunities for families to contribute to meaningful causes.

Glenview Gardeners

Glenview Gardeners is a club for gardening enthusiasts. The club hosts garden walks, plant sales, and educational programs, promoting gardening as a hobby and a way to beautify the community.

In conclusion, Glenview, IL, offers a diverse range of local clubs and organizations that provide families with opportunities to connect, learn, and contribute to the community. Whether it’s through arts, sports, service, or social activities, these clubs enhance the quality of life in Glenview and foster a strong sense of community. For families in Glenview, joining a local club can be a rewarding way to engage with the community and enjoy shared interests. And for quality early early learning and daycare for infants and toddlers, schedule a tour at Crème de la Crème.