Your child’s early development is so important, and Crème de la Crème’s programs are designed with your child’s social and educational development in mind. That’s why we know how important it is to expose your child to new ideas and start traveling from a young age. Of course, we also know the challenges of traveling, so we’ve compiled this list of top tips for traveling with kids to take the guesswork out of planning a vacation. Get inspired for your family’s travel adventure, then find your nearest Crème location and schedule a tour.

How Does Traveling Benefit Your Child’s Learning and Growth?

A woman holding a small baby on an airplane.

You love getting out and seeing new places on vacation. But will those experiences really live up to the hype for your little ones? While the stress of planning and packing for a trip might be enough to make you pause before jetting off with your kiddos, travel offers a wealth of benefits for youngsters.

Traveling can open up the world for your child, leading to growth and learning in areas such as:

  • Adaptability in changing situations.
  • Empathy for cultural differences.
  • Improved linguistic abilities.

Traveling to unfamiliar places, interacting with new people, and engaging with different perspectives gives kids a head start forming meaningful relationships and understanding people’s differences and similarities. Traveling normalizes the experience of interacting with folks who are different from you. That goes for little ones, too.

They’ll try new foods and experience new places. They might even get to try out a second language they’re learning in school. Whether you fly halfway around the world or take a local road trip, these experiences will play into your child’s development while building memories the whole family is sure to cherish.

What Are Some Tips on How to Best Travel With Kids?

Of course, even if you’re sold on the benefits of traveling with kids, you still have to figure out how to actually do it. Fortunately, here at Crème de la Crème, we know a thing or two about nurturing and educating children. Let’s explore some top tips for traveling with kids to get you ready to book your next adventure.

Book Wisely

A stress-free, enjoyable trip starts with the planning stages. Going with an early morning departure can go a long way toward a seamless travel day with toddlers or young kids. Early morning flights have a better chance of taking off and landing without delays, and these flights are typically less crowded than flights later in the day. Bonus points for the nap your kids will want to take at that time.

Pack With a Plan

While you don’t want to overpack, you also don’t want to forget anything essential. To avoid these problems, write a packing list before you start. Highlight items you’ll need to pack at the last minute and review your checklist a final time before heading to the airport or getting in the car.

Plan to pack just enough to get you through a flight or car ride. Flights are limited in the food and comfort items they offer, so take things you know you’ll need to keep your kiddo content. Pro-tip: pack a surprise for your young child by wrapping up a toy for them to unwrap. They’ll have the fun of unwrapping a surprise item and a new toy to keep them entertained.

Bear in mind that you could set yourself up for a struggle if you overpack. If you bring too much in your attempt to keep your kids happy, you’ll have to carry everything onto the plane with you — and don’t forget, you also have to get your kids on board. Thoughtfully planning your packing ahead of time will help you get it just right.

Consider Clothing and Strollers

Travel also means changing temperatures, especially when it comes to flights. You might change climates during your trip or simply have to contend with heat or air conditioning on a flight. Dressing your children in comfortable layers (and clothing that doesn’t have zippers or buttons that can turn into bathroom emergencies) can help you adapt as you go along. Likewise, avoid shoes with laces and go for ones that slip on and off. It’ll help you keep your kid comfortable in the plane or car, and if you’re flying, it’ll get you through security much faster.

If you’re traveling with a stroller, consider leaving your regular-sized one at home and going for a travel or umbrella stroller. A small, compact stroller will get the job done when you need a stroller for your child but also make getting around much easier. If you’re flying, you can also check your stroller at the gate. When you get off the plane, the flight crew will have your stroller waiting for you.

Prepare for Security

Flying with kids means going through airport security with kids. The trick here is being prepared. Make sure to have items that you’ll need to remove during the security screening in places you can easily reach. You might need to deal with extra scrutiny during screening if you travel with snacks, so plan ahead and leave yourself enough time so you’re not stressed and scrambling. You’ll be glad you have those snacks later on.

Let Your Kids Know What To Expect

Kids do better in all sorts of situations when they go in prepared. That goes twofold for the unfamiliarity that goes hand in hand with traveling. You can find videos online that show kids what the experience of flying is like, from checking the bags all the way through staying safe and behaving well during the flight. Having a chat about what to expect can help reduce any anxiety they have about flying and get them excited about their upcoming adventure.

Are You Ready To Boost Your Child’s Learning and Growth?

Traveling with children may seem daunting at first, but with these top tips for traveling with kids in mind, you’ll be well on your way to fun trips as a family. Along the way, your kiddos will get to learn and grow thanks to the new things they see and experience while traveling. At Crème de la Crème, we’re known for our excellence at providing children with a full scope of education and developmental programs, beginning with preschool, and we’re ready to take your child’s learning and growth even further. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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