Mount Laurel, NJ, is a hidden gem for families looking to enjoy the great outdoors. With its lush parks, serene lakes, and open fields, it’s the perfect setting for a family picnic. Whether you’re planning a relaxing day out or a fun-filled family gathering, these picnic spots in and around Mount Laurel offer something special for everyone. Let’s explore some of the best places to lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A great spot for a picnic in Mount Laurel, NJ

Long Bridge Park: Nature’s Playground

Long Bridge Park in Hainesport is a sprawling 115-acre park that offers a picturesque setting for a family picnic. With its forested sanctuary along the Rancocas Creek, upland and lowland forests, and abundant wildlife, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. The park’s open spaces and scenic trails make it an ideal spot for a family day out.

Washington Lake Park: A Space for All Seasons

Covering 330 acres, Washington Lake Park in Sewell is the largest municipal park in New Jersey. It boasts a variety of amenities, including walking paths, playgrounds, and sports fields. The park’s diverse landscape, from open lawns to wooded areas, provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable picnic.

Veterans Park: Honoring Heroes in Nature

Located in Hamilton Square, Veterans Park is a magnificent 333-acre park built in honor of Hamilton’s veterans. It features ribbons of walking paths, open fields, and a quiet environment. The park’s spacious areas are great for family games, relaxing, and enjoying a peaceful meal outdoors.

Wharton State Forest: Wooded Adventure

Wharton State Forest in Hammonton is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System. Home to Batsto Village, a former bog iron and glassmaking industrial center, it offers a blend of history and natural beauty. The forest’s vast landscape is perfect for families seeking a rustic picnic experience.

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest: Pine-Scented Picnics

Previously known as Lebanon State Forest, Brendan T. Byrne State Forest in Woodland Township welcomes visitors with the fresh scent of pines. The contrast of barren and forested acres provides a unique setting for a family picnic, complete with trails and serene surroundings.

Washington Crossing State Park: Historical Fun

In Titusville, Washington Crossing State Park offers a mix of history and natural beauty. Famous for George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River, the park’s scenic landscape is ideal for a historical-themed picnic, complete with educational opportunities and beautiful views.

Mercer County Park: Something for Everyone

Mercer County Park in West Windsor is a comprehensive recreational area with 17 athletic fields, an ice skating center, and tennis courts. Its vast open spaces and variety of amenities make it a versatile spot for a family picnic, sports, and fun activities.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park: Waterside Charm

This state park in Princeton offers a unique picnic experience along the historic Delaware and Raritan Canal. The park’s tranquil setting, with its jogging, hiking, and canoeing opportunities, makes it a great spot for families looking to enjoy a peaceful day by the water.

Parvin State Park: Lakeside Leisure

Parvin State Park in Elmer, situated on the edge of the Pine Barrens, is known for its diverse wildlife and varied habitats. The park’s centerpiece, Parvin Lake, provides a picturesque setting for a lakeside picnic, complete with swimming and boating opportunities.

Bass River State Forest: A Forest Feast

As the first forest acquired by New Jersey for public recreation, Bass River State Forest in Tuckerton offers a blend of water conservation, wildlife, and recreation. Its calm environment is perfect for families looking to enjoy a picnic in a natural, peaceful setting.

Wrap Up

Mount Laurel, NJ, and its surrounding areas are filled with wonderful spots for family picnics. From the historical landscapes of Washington Crossing State Park to the natural beauty of Wharton State Forest, there’s a perfect spot for every family. 

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Photo by Jennie Clavel on Unsplash