Is your child a budding Picasso? Your child’s creativity is emerging, and Crème de la Crème is the perfect place to nurture their growth. Our state-of-the-art facility offers engaging, research-based programs that benefit the whole child, from babies to kindergartners. Find a Crème de la Crème location near you, schedule a tour, and discover how our childhood education experts can support your child.

Our curriculum includes STEM, Spanish, and music, which are ideal for building growing minds. One of our favorite programs is art, where children explore various materials while sculpting, creating mosaics, and doing other crafts. We enjoy celebrating special holidays through the crafts we make, as they build a connection to the world and fill children with pride as they admire and share their creations with you.

Get Crafty With the Kids for Mother’s Day

A mother and child enjoying a mothers day project.

A Mother and Daughter Doing a School Project Together at Home by RDNE Stock Project is licensed with Pexels License

Take the Crème de la Crème art studio home with you and create these fun Mother’s Day projects with kids. Surprise Mom with the completed crafts, or make them with her for a special bonding time. Visit your local craft store or raid your craft closet for the following project essentials:

  • Safety scissors and craft scissors.
  • Washable, nontoxic paint.
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Washable markers.
  • Washable craft glue or paste.
  • Yarn.

Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

Want to get Mom flowers that will never wilt? Make coffee filter flowers with your kiddos for a colorful bouquet that will last a lifetime. To complete this craft, you’ll need regular-size white coffee filters, markers, scissors, tape, green pipe cleaners, and a spray bottle with water. 

To make this craft, determine how many flowers you want. Each flower requires one coffee filter. Flatten the coffee filters and use the markers to create colorful patterns, scribbles, and squiggles until the paper is completely covered. Grab the spray bottle filled with water and spritz the decorated coffee filters with water. Watch as the ink spreads across the filters, creating a vibrant showcase of color. Let the coffee filters dry completely.

Once dry, have children cut the edges of the coffee filters to create petals. Try rounding the edges or cutting out triangles. One at a time, gather each coffee filter and create a point at the bottom where you can wrap a piece of tape to create the flower. Finally, wrap a green pipe cleaner around the taped base to create a stem. Repeat until each coffee filter has been transformed into a beautiful flower. Add the flowers to a vase, and give them to Mom on Mother’s Day.

Painted Pasta Necklace

Sometimes, the silliest Mother’s Day crafts bring the biggest joy because they’re made with love. If this sounds like something your family would enjoy, a painted pasta necklace is just the craft for you and your kids. Grab a box of tube-shaped pasta, preferably ziti or rigatoni, and some paint and paintbrushes. Unleash your child’s creativity and allow them to paint the pasta pieces however their heart desires. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before completing the last step. 

Create the necklace using yarn cut to a desired length with scissors. Help your child string the pasta onto the yarn and tie both ends together. Have Mom put on a fashion show to show off her new DIY jewelry on Mother’s Day.

Egg Carton Wreath

Don’t throw away that empty egg carton just yet. Turn it into a beautiful wreath to hang on your front door for Mother’s Day. You will need scissors, markers, a craft ring, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and craft flowers and leaves for this project. First, cut the individual egg cups from the paper egg carton. Have your child color the egg cups with markers. 

Next, glue the cups to the craft ring to build the wreath. Let adults handle this step and allow children to touch the craft project once it has cooled. For the last step, decorate the wreath with craft flowers and leaves, using the hot glue gun and adult supervision. To make it easier, have your child select which pieces to add to the wreath and show you where to put the pieces before you glue them on. Once the DIY Mother’s Day project is complete, hang it on your front door to surprise Mom.

Fabric Collage Paperweight

Add a pop of color to Mom’s desk with a collage paperweight for a handmade Mother’s Day gift. You will need fabric scraps, scissors, a small rock, and craft glue. Let your child pick a rock from your backyard to turn into a unique paperweight. Next, cut the fabric scraps into smaller strips. Here comes the messy part. Using craft glue, layer the fabric strips onto the rock until it is completely covered. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and give it to Mom on Mother’s Day.

Painted Tin Can Planters

Does Mom love to garden or have plants in the house? Give her the gift of a handmade planter for Mother’s Day. Save your soup cans, wash them thoroughly, and remove the entire label. Once dry, the tin cans are ready for decorating. 

Bring out your paints and paintbrushes and let your child’s creativity run wild, encouraging them to spread the paint colors all over the outside of the cans. Allow the paint to dry completely. If desired, decorate the tin can planters further with stickers. Give them to Mom as is, or visit your local garden store for some soil and add a cute little succulent.

Further Your Child’s Creative Development

Keep your child’s creativity going at a Crème de la Crème class. We strive to provide excellent educational and developmental programs that involve creative work and play to support children’s growing minds. Schedule a tour of a Crème de la Crème facility near you to see our age-appropriate play spaces, meet our talented teachers, and learn more about our unique classroom rotations. We can’t wait to meet you and your family.