Welcome to Westerville, OH, a city that’s not just a great place to live but also a paradise for park lovers! With an array of parks dotting the landscape, Westerville offers endless opportunities for families to explore, play, and relax in beautiful green spaces. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these parks are perfect for a day out with the kids, offering everything from scenic playgrounds to peaceful walking trails. Let’s dive into some of the most awesome parks in Westerville, each a unique gem in its own right, and discover why this city is a haven for families seeking outdoor fun!

A park scene in Westerville, OH

Hoover Reservoir Park

Address: 7701 Sunbury Road

Nestled by the water, Hoover Reservoir Park is a gem for families. Although on the smaller side, its lakeside location adds a special charm. Kids can enjoy climbing and sliding, while the whole family can enjoy walking to the dock, watching boats, and feeding ducks. It’s a perfect blend of play and tranquility.

Spring Grove North

1201 E. County Line Road

Ahoy, mateys! Spring Grove North is a pirate’s dream with a ship-shaped play structure. Complete with tall masts and a telescope, it’s a haven for imaginative play. Younger kids have their own area, and there are swings for all ages.

Alum Creek North Park

221 W Main Street

Alum Creek North Park caters to kids of all ages. It boasts a sand pit, a large rope climbing structure, and a toddler-friendly train. The park is a hub for free summer concerts and is within walking distance of Uptown, making it a perfect spot for a full day of family fun.

Millstone Creek Park

745 N Spring Road

Millstone Creek Park is an inclusive playground, welcoming kids of all abilities. The play structure is large, with areas for toddlers and various climbing options. The park also features a creek area and basketball courts and is known for its accessibility.

Towers Park

657 County Line Road

Ideal for toddlers, Towers Park features adorable playhouses and a challenging obstacle course for older kids. The stained glass pavilion is a must-see, and the park’s smaller details, like a butterfly and grasshopper, add to its charm. 

Johnston-McVay Park

480 S Hempstead Road

Johnston-McVay Park is a storybook adventure with a trail that changes themes, perfect for budding readers. The playground is beautifully integrated with nature, offering swings, climbers, and hammocks for a relaxing day out.

Walnut Ridge Park

525 E Walnut Street

A climber’s paradise, Walnut Ridge Park caters to both toddlers and older kids. With an array of climbing features, swings, and a scenic bridge over a creek, it’s an ideal spot for active families.

Hoff Woods Park

556 McCorkle Boulevard

Hoff Woods Park has two playsets for different age groups. It’s filled with climbing features, imaginative play areas, and swings. The park’s natural setting enhances the play experience.

Olde Towne Park

108 Old County Line Road

Olde Towne Park offers unique climbing structures and a quieter atmosphere. It’s a great spot for families looking for a less crowded play experience, complete with musical instruments and swings.

Hanby Park-Westerville

115 E Park Street

Hanby Park offers a splash pad, a unique climbing tower, and a variety of swings. Located behind the library, it’s a perfect spot for combining playtime with a library visit.

Westerville, OH, is a treasure trove of parks, each offering a unique blend of fun, relaxation, and natural beauty. These parks are not just green spaces; they’re community hubs where memories are made, and fun is had by all. And for those seeking exceptional early education and childcare, Crème de la Crème of Westerville is at your service, ensuring that your little ones get the best start in life. So pack your picnic basket, grab your walking shoes, and get ready to explore the wonderful parks of Westerville!

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash