Are you looking for a unique way to make the most of your time in Cedar Park? Stop by a public art installation to take a moment to pause and reflect. Or turn it into a fun family photo op for you and your kids. Here’s a list of several cool spots to find art installations around Cedar Park, Texas.

Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

Freshwater Cowgirl Sculpture by Anthony St. James, Exhibited at the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

Freshwater Cowgirl by A Yee is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Marvel at interesting sculptures as you stroll along the paths of Cedar Park Sculpture Garden. Located outside the Cedar Park Recreation Center, this public art installation with scenic walking trails is perfect for you and your kids to explore. If your kids love mermaids, they’ll be delighted to see the Freshwater Cowgirl sculpture by Anthony St. James.

Strike a pose with the Balancing Apple sculpture made of stainless steel, featuring a little girl balancing an apple and a book on top of her head. Or take a family photo at the Family sculpture by Elizabeth Bonura, made of cement with a bronze metal coating, featuring parents and their children in a loving embrace. Are your kids obsessed with animals? Challenge them to find Goats are Browsers by Christina Broussard and Zig Zag Fish by Laura Sturtz. 

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden presents art made of various creative materials, showcasing each artist’s talent. Check out The Twist by Peter Mangan to observe stainless steel, copper, brass, and painted glass. Another cool art piece is the Not the Same, but the Same Knot sculpture by Shana Martin made entirely out of metal and rock-climbing rope. The garden changes all the artwork on display annually, so be sure to return next year to see what’s new.

  • Location: 1435 Main St., Cedar Park.

Impressions of Texas

The gorgeous Impressions of Texas mural by Travis McCann is just a short walk away from the Cedar Park Recreation Center, near the SpringHill Suites parking lot on E. Costco Road. Just follow the paved path from the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden that encompasses two bodies of water. Head under the Discovery Boulevard bridge and keep walking until you see a large mural with swirling pinks and blues. 

This painted mural captures Texas’ natural beauty with an iconic longhorn steer decorated with the Texas flag. The longhorn is surrounded by a beautiful field of bluebonnets. The mural instills a message of kindness to those who come across it. The quote written across the top of the mural reads, “Treat others like you want to be treated.” That’s the golden rule.

  • Location: 1110 Discovery Blvd., Cedar Park.

Veterans Memorial Park

Visit Veterans Memorial Park for a public art installation that exudes respect for those who served in the U.S. military. Walk along the impressive Pathway of Heroes for a look at soldiers and commanders from different eras. The life-size bronze sculptures feature various military uniforms and gear, such as helmets and binoculars. Let your kids get up close to admire the attention to detail of these sculptures, from the helicopter pilot’s straps to the nurse’s clipboard. 

The pathway leads up to Memorial Hill, where a large monument stands tall, depicting an aircraft carrier and a B-1 bomber. As you walk up the stairs, notice the abundance of American flags lining the patches of grass. The monument, designed by George Beck, features base panels that honor each branch of the U.S. military. Identify the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Coast Guard military branches as you admire the laser art on the panels.

Maximize your family trip to Veterans Memorial Park with a game of basketball, tennis, or volleyball at the available courts or a soccer match at the nearby field. Pack everyone’s bathing suits and some beach towels, and head over to splash and play at the outdoor aquatic facility.

  • Location: 2525 W. New Hope Drive, Cedar Park.

Cedar Park Public Library

Storybook characters come to life right off the pages at The Magic of Storytelling sculpture by Dan Pogue in front of Cedar Park Public Library. Situated on a tiled slab, this bronze sculpture depicts a woman reading to three young children. As she holds open the book, she looks down in amazement to see Peter Pan and Captain Hook standing on the book’s pages. Your child’s imagination will flourish as they admire this sculpture. 

While you’re there, take advantage of your local library in Cedar Park. You can take your child’s new-found inspiration and find a book about pirates, mermaids, or fairies. Or join a librarian for toddler, preschool, or family storytime on select dates. Library cards are free for Cedar Park residents 18 years and older with valid identification.

  • Location: 550 Discovery Blvd., Cedar Park.

Rosemary Denny Park

The Rosemary Denny Park mural by Angela Effenberger is a delightful art installation that evokes a sense of childlike wonder in those who gaze upon it. Visit Rosemary Denny Park with your kids to check out this brightly colored painted mural featuring a bunch of balloons floating into the sky. Test your little one’s math skills as they count how many balloons they can find. Or identify all the pretty colors on the balloons and their strings. This mural is a perfect family photo op. Have your kids pretend to hold onto the balloons as you snap a picture together. 

This local neighborhood park is a delightful spot to enjoy a family picnic in Cedar Park. Several picnic tables are available for you and your kids to sit and have a meal together. Go for a nature walk around the short loop and watch for wildlife at the small pond nearby. Park access is free and open to the public.

  • Location: 2400 E. Riviera Drive, Cedar Park.

Discover Awesome Art Installations Around Cedar Park

Cedar Park is full of wonderful places to admire sculptures and murals that inspire your child’s imagination. If you have a favorite spot that we missed give us a call or visit Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park, and tell us about it. We support art exploration and activities that will cultivate your child’s creativity.