Plano, Texas, is not just known for its vibrant community and beautiful parks; it’s also a hub for budding young chefs! If you’re looking to introduce your child to the culinary world, Plano offers a plethora of cooking classes tailored for kids. These classes not only teach them the basics of cooking but also instill a love for healthy eating and international cuisines. Let’s dive into some of the best kids’ cooking classes in the area.

A child and a teen using mixing bowls at a cooking class in Plano, TX


Located at Chefsville, this establishment offers a variety of kids’ baking programs, including camps, classes, and workshops. They have programs in schools, libraries, and recreation centers. Chefsville connects baking with academics, ensuring kids learn while having fun. Their goal is to help kids and families develop healthy eating habits. With over 220 schools participating in their programs over the last seven years, Chefsville is a trusted name in the community.

Young Chefs Academy

Young Chefs Academy in Frisco is where passion meets education. Founded by Julie Burleson, the academy offers weekly classes focusing on international, regional, and seasonal cuisines. Their JuniorChefs™, SeniorChefs™, and KinderCooks® programs cater to all age groups and skill levels. The academy also hosts special events, workshops, and parties.

My French Recipe

While the My French Recipe website primarily focuses on selling French recipes and products, it’s a known spot in Plano for its authentic French cooking classes. Dive deep into the world of French cuisine and let your child discover the magic of European flavors.

Flour Power

At Flour Power, cooking class meets dinner party! They offer a unique “Kids Night Out” program, allowing parents some “me” time while their kids engage in culinary adventures. The studio also hosts birthday parties for ages 3 to teens, family cooking events, and even team-building events for adults.

The Cookery

Nestled in the Dallas Design District, The Cookery is all about making cooking approachable and fun. Each class is an interactive session where participants craft a three-course dinner. Founded by Kelly, who has traveled the globe to hone her culinary skills, The Cookery offers a blend of international flavors and techniques. The establishment also hosts private events and team-building sessions.

Let’s Get Cookin’

Plano, Texas, is a treasure trove for young culinary enthusiasts. With a range of classes focusing on different cuisines and techniques, there’s something for every young chef out there. And if you’re looking for a top-notch daycare in the area, don’t forget to check out Crème de la Crème. Known for its holistic approach to child development, it’s the perfect place to nurture your child’s talents and interests. So, whether it’s whipping up a French dessert or baking a traditional American pie, let your child’s culinary journey begin in Plano!