With the strum of strings or the beat of a drum, children can explore their creativity through music. Music is integral to a child’s early education, fostering valuable life skills such as perseverance, the ability to work with others, and self-esteem. Watching a child explore the world of music is something we witness each day at Crème de la Crème through our exceptional programs for music and artistic expression. Find out why children should play music and why you’ll want to visit a Crème de la Crème school near you to learn more about our approach to music education.

Music Builds Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Skills

Young child playing guitar and singing for his mother and another young child.

Communicating and working with others is essential for fostering connections. Children learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, solve problems, and cooperate with their peers by participating in musical activities.

At Crème de la Crème, we help each child feel safe and supported in all they do by ensuring our whole-child approach to education remains collaborative and communicative. Our unique classroom rotation schedule stimulates children to learn in various areas, including music.   

Music Helps Children Learn to Regulate Their Actions and Emotions

We treat children with respect during each stage of the learning process at Crème de la Crème. We believe that honesty, integrity, and patience form the core of every respectful interaction with others. 

Playing music helps children learn how to regulate their actions and emotions, an essential life skill they can build on throughout their lifetime. Whether singing or playing an instrument, children can practice the attitudes and emotions needed to control their behavior and stay calm when they face awkward or new situations. 

Musicals, plays, and recitals offer live learning opportunities for children to learn how to express themselves appropriately and cope with unfamiliar, stressful situations. Playing music can help children remain confident, resilient, and adaptable as they challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zones and learn how to work with teachers and directors to make beautiful music. 

Music Fosters Self-Awareness

Children love to express their emotions and feelings through play and creative movement. Learning to sing or play a musical instrument can enable them to explore their identity and communicate their uniqueness to others. 

As children discover how to play a scale on a piano or maintain a steady rhythm on a marimba, they gain confidence in their music-making abilities and expand their comfort zones as they progress to increasingly more challenging pieces of music. Additionally, they develop their physical and mental processing abilities as they perform diverse musical repertoires and styles.

Through our music education at Crème de la Crème, we help children develop their self-awareness through music. We have them play or listen to music of different genres, exposing them to the diversity of music while encouraging them to express how they felt about the music they heard. 

Music Instills Personal Responsibility

As parents, we want our children to grow and learn to take ownership of their choices. Teaching your children how to make responsible decisions is essential for their continued growth and development as confident and mature individuals capable of assessing their options and making decisions. 

Playing an instrument or taking voice lessons offers an excellent way for children to develop the skill of personal responsibility. They discover the importance of time management by dedicating time to practicing and learning how to take care of an instrument. 

At Crème de la Crème, we use music-making to help children cultivate the value of personal responsibility by giving them opportunities to be creative, such as working with their peers to create musical performances. You can further encourage your children’s creativity through music at home by letting them pick the songs and sing along to the music they choose. Giving your children ownership of something they can confidently create or participate in boosts their self-confidence and allows them to showcase their budding talents. 

Music Promotes Social Awareness

As children encounter diverse musical styles, they discover equally diverse people, cultures, and traditions. Children acquire skills such as perspective-taking, teamwork, and empathy through music. They learn to participate in activities with peers their age as they clap, sing, and play musical instruments.

Our teachers at Crème de la Crème support children’s social awareness skills through music by introducing them to age-appropriate pieces of music from cultures worldwide. Through music, children expand their worldviews while gaining an appreciation for cultural musical heritage and traditions. 

At home, you can do the same by playing various pieces of music and asking your children what they thought about the music they heard. Was the piece slow or fast? Was it loud or soft? Why do they think the instrumentalists or recording artists performed the music this way? Share information about the people and culture the music represents, and discuss together with your child.

Playing an instrument involves coordinating the actions of the body and brain. Reading music and converting notations on a page into sounds significantly enhances a child’s motor skills development. Playing an instrument is one of the most tactile experiences for children to improve their hand-eye coordination.

We developed our Crème de la Crème facilities to support a hands-on learning culture, with amenities that include theaters, music studios, and S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) labs to serve infants, toddlers, and kindergartners. These learning laboratories offer children opportunities to discover and explore the joy of making music in distinctive spaces where learning is fun. 

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Children flourish when they have the opportunity to perform music. At Crème de la Crème, we support kids as they sing, dance, and express themselves with musical instruments through our exceptional education and development programs. They’ll build confidence and strengthen memory skills, enabling their imaginations to bloom. Schedule a tour today  at a Crème de la Crème school near you and discover firsthand how our whole-child approach to early education nurtures their creativity while fostering a love for learning throughout their lifetime.

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