Atlanta, GA, is known for its vibrant culture, thriving communities, and a wide range of activities to enjoy. But what happens when a typical sunny day in the Peach State turns into a gray and rainy one? Fear not, dear parents! We’ve got you covered, with an exciting array of indoor options to keep the family entertained.

In this blog post, we’ll be your guide to the finest theaters in Atlanta, where you can escape the rain and indulge in some fantastic movies, plays, and performances. So, grab your umbrellas and let’s embark on a rainy day adventure!

The inside of a small theater in Atlanta, GA

Fox Theatre

The iconic Fox Theatre is a true gem of Atlanta’s cultural scene. With its historic charm and grandeur, it’s a great place to catch Broadway shows and musicals. Your family will be mesmerized by the intricate architecture, making it a memorable outing.

Plaza Theatre

For a more indie and eclectic cinematic experience, head over to the Plaza Theatre. This historic venue screens a wide range of films, from new releases to cult classics. Their accessible seating and eclectic mix of arthouse films set the stage for a perfect family movie day.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Step into a world of imagination and wonder at the Center for Puppetry Arts. It’s a fantastic place for kids and parents alike, with engaging puppet shows that will captivate your little ones. The interactive museum is a bonus, offering insight into the world of puppetry.

Alliance Theatre

The Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center is another gem for theater enthusiasts. Known for its innovative productions, this inclusive space brings to life captivating stories through plays and performances. Check their schedule for family-friendly shows.

Dad’s Garage

If you’re looking for some laughs on a rainy day, look no further than Dad’s Garage. This improv theater promises hilarious moments and interactive comedy shows that will leave your family in stitches. As a bonus, they offer improv classes and workshops for all ages.

Earl Smith Strand Theatre

Step back in time at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre, the last remaining historic theater in Cobb County. This beautifully restored venue hosts various events, including classic movie screenings and live performances. It’s a perfect place to introduce your kids to the magic of cinema history.

Aurora Theatre

The Aurora Theatre in nearby Lawrenceville is a wonderful spot for family outings. With a diverse lineup of plays and performances, it offers a wide range of entertainment options. Keep an eye out for their family-friendly productions.

PushPush Arts

For a unique and immersive experience, visit the PushPush Arts in College Park. Their innovative approach to storytelling will leave your family talking about the performance for days. And if your kids are inspired to take to the stage themselves, they can check out a variety of workshops.

Synchronicity Theatre

The Synchronicity Theatre focuses on promoting women’s voices in theater. Their productions often include family-friendly shows that provide valuable lessons and entertainment for kids. Aspiring playwrights in your family can connect with the venue to possibly screen new performances.

Marietta’s Theatre in the Square

Located just a short drive from Atlanta, Marietta’s Theatre in the Square Is worth the trip. It’s an intimate black-box-style venue that hosts a variety of shows, from dramas to comedies. The professional caliber of this community theater and its diversity of shows make it a great choice for a rainy day outing.

On those gray and rainy days when outdoor activities are off the table, Atlanta’s theaters open their doors to a world of entertainment and culture. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic film, an enchanting play, or an evening of laughter, Atlanta’s theaters have something for everyone. 

So, don’t let the weather dampen your spirits. Instead, embrace the opportunity to create beautiful memories with your family at one of these fantastic theaters. And for additional great experiences for your little ones, be sure to check out Crème de la Crème, a daycare and early education center with a private preschool that focuses on fostering a lifelong love of learning. Enjoy your rainy day adventure in Atlanta!

Photo by Rudy Dong on Unsplash