Do you want to foster your child’s imagination and confidence outside your home? Visit a Crème de la Crème facility near you. We commit ourselves to providing children with a full scope of education and developmental programs, such as our art studio, which are research based and focused on the whole-child approach. Our talented teachers work hard to create a warm, welcoming environment where children ages 6 weeks to 12 years can play, grow, and learn. Are you interested in unique ways to spark your child’s creativity at home? Magic tricks may do the trick.

The Benefits of Magic Tricks for Kids

A young child performing a fun, simple magic trick.

Photo by Amina Filkins is licensed with Pexels License

Did you know that learning to perform magic tricks benefits your child? Aside from the main advantage of improving creativity, your child will gain vital social skills through presentation. Performing a magic trick requires connecting with the spectators, and your child can practice a back-and-forth dialogue with you to build their confidence and self-esteem. Another essential benefit of magic tricks for kids is building perseverance and resilience. Although these magic tricks are easy, they still require practice to get them right.

The Disappearing Coin Trick

The Disappearing Coin is an easy magic trick for kids, requiring little practice for a lot of wonder. You only need a clear glass cup, water, and a coin to complete this magic trick. 

First, place the empty clear glass on top of the coin. Have everyone observe the coin and confirm it’s visible. Next, pour a little bit of water into the glass, keeping an eye on the coin. Continue to fill the glass with water until the coin disappears. For the final reveal, have everyone peer into the top of the glass. Much to their surprise, the coin is still there, and the magic trick is complete.

The Banana Buster Magic Trick

This magic trick is great for your child to perform during school lunch with their friends. They can show off their secret ninja moves and surprise their friends by cutting the banana in half without peeling it. The Banana Buster magic trick requires preparation, adult assistance, a banana, and a toothpick. Follow these steps to complete the trick:

  1. Grab a banana and a toothpick.
  2. Find a spot on the banana close to the seam, preferably a brown spot.
  3. With adult guidance, poke the toothpick through that spot and push it in so you feel the toothpick’s point on the other side of the banana. Do not poke the toothpick all the way through; keep the toothpick under the skin.
  4. Move the toothpick up and down in a sawing motion to cut the banana in half without breaking the skin.
  5. Remove the toothpick and use your finger to close up the hole. After completing this step, your kiddo is ready to perform.
  6. Have your child karate chop the banana without actually hitting it. Encourage them to get creative and use sound effects.
  7. Let your child peel open the banana to reveal that it’s now in two halves.

Remember to practice the Banana Buster trick at home before taking it to the cafeteria for the final performance. On the big day, prepare the banana at home before school and pack it in your child’s lunchbox. This step helps with the big reveal because the audience will be less suspicious that the banana was tampered with. Have your child practice what they’ll say to their friends to play up the magic of the Banana Buster.

The Rubber Pencil Magic Trick

Are you looking for a simple magic trick for your toddler or kindergartner? The Rubber Pencil illusion is quick and easy to perform; it just takes some practice. All you need is a regular pencil with an eraser on one end. Hold the pencil loosely by the eraser tip with your finger and thumb in a pincer grasp. Next, move your hand up and down while holding the pencil horizontally. Just like magic, the wooden pencil appears to have turned into rubber. 

This optical illusion happens because the pencil tip moves slower than the pencil end, tricking your brain into seeing it bend like rubber. Practice this magic trick together to help build your child’s confidence. Once your child has the hang of it, encourage them to show their new trick to their family or friends.

The Bending Spoon Illusion

Another fun optical illusion your little magician can try is the Bending Spoon. This magic trick also requires practice but is relatively easy to perfect. All you need is a small spoon and a table.

  1. Grab a small spoon with a short stem that your child can easily conceal with both hands balled into fists and stacked on top of one another.
  2. Have your child stack their fists on top of each other and tuck the base of the spoon’s stem around their pinky finger. When you face your child, it should appear like they’re holding the spoon in both fists.
  3. Place the tip of the spoon vertically on the table with fists stacked on top.
  4. Have your child slowly release their grip as they push the spoon’s tip down on the table as if bending it. Their fists should still be upright and stacked.
  5. Continue “bending” the spoon by releasing the pinky’s grip. Ask your child to pause as part of their performance to build awe and suspense from their audience.
  6. Complete the magic trick by returning the spoon’s stem to its starting position.

Once the trick is complete, work with your child to foster their creativity in how they might perform this trick in front of their friends. Add magic words, sound effects, or other dialogue to help sell the illusion and convince the audience that your child possesses a powerful strength for bending spoons.

Spark Your Child’s Creativity at Crème de la Crème

Schedule a tour at your local Crème de la Crème to discover our incredible programs designed to cultivate your child’s creativity. Come see our Coconut Theater in person so you can get a feel for what our nurturing environment is like. At our Coconut Theater, we engage your child’s performance skills to foster their confidence and self-esteem. Plus, it’s the perfect setting for them to perform their magic tricks with new friends. We also provide children with a full scope of education and developmental programs, beginning with preschool if you want to take your child even further.