Marietta, GA, is a city that truly shines when it comes to offering a variety of dining experiences that cater to all ages. It’s a place where family meals are more than just eating; they’re an opportunity for laughter, conversation, and creating memories. Whether you’re craving a casual pizza night, a hearty breakfast, or a healthy lunch that pleases even the pickiest eaters, Marietta’s family-friendly restaurants have you covered. Let’s dive into some of the best spots in and around Marietta where you can enjoy a delightful family dinner, showcasing not just the food but the warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes each of these places special.

A delicious looking array of breakfast dishes at a restaurant in Marietta, GA

The Marietta Local

The Marietta Local is renowned for its friendly service and a menu that appeals to both kids and adults alike. Known for its award-winning fried chicken and hearty breakfasts, this spot ensures that every family member leaves satisfied. Their kid-friendly menu, combined with a cozy atmosphere, makes it a perfect choice for a family outing. Plus, their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients means you’re not only enjoying a delicious meal but also supporting the community.

Australian Bakery Cafe

For a taste of something different, the Australian Bakery Cafe offers an array of unique eats, including authentic Australian meat pies that are sure to intrigue and delight. This casual eatery is not just about pies; it also serves up a variety of sandwiches, pastries, and sweets that kids will love. The laid-back vibe and friendly staff make families feel right at home, and the kangaroo-themed decor adds a fun, educational twist to your meal.

Taqueria Tsunami

Taqueria Tsunami takes a creative approach to Latin-Asian fusion cuisine, offering dishes that are as exciting to look at as they are to eat. Their menu features a variety of tacos, rice bowls, and salads, with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate every family member’s dietary needs. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and kid-friendly menu items, like mini quesadillas and chicken bites, ensure a fun and flavorful dining experience for all.

Moxie Burger

Moxie Burger is a local favorite that specializes in gourmet burgers made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. With a variety of burgers, salads, and sides, there’s something for everyone, including a customizable kids’ menu that lets little ones build their dream burger. The restaurant’s relaxed, family-oriented environment, complete with outdoor seating and occasional live music, makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely family lunch or dinner.

Canvas Cafe and Bakery

Canvas Cafe and Bakery is a charming spot that combines a love for art with delicious, wholesome food. Offering a menu filled with fresh sandwiches, salads, and an array of baked goods, this cafe is perfect for families looking for a healthy meal in a creative setting. The kids’ menu features simple, tasty options, and the cafe’s art-filled interior provides a stimulating environment for young minds.

Red Sky Tapas & Bar

For families with a love for music and good food, Red Sky Tapas & Bar offers the best of both worlds. Their menu of small plates allows everyone to try a bit of everything, from savory tapas to sweet desserts. The restaurant often features live music, making it a great place to introduce kids to the joy of dining out with entertainment. Their welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu ensure a memorable family dining experience.

Marietta, GA, is a treasure trove of family-friendly dining options, each offering a unique menu and atmosphere that caters to families looking to enjoy a meal out together. From the award-winning dishes at The Marietta Local to the creative fusion flavors at Taqueria Tsunami, there’s no shortage of places to explore and create dining memories with your loved ones. At Crème de la Crème daycare and early learning center, we understand the importance of family time, and we encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful dining experiences Marietta has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual burger night, a healthy lunch, or an adventurous meal, Marietta’s restaurants are ready to welcome you and your family with open arms.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash