Physical activity and sports play an important role in your child’s early education. Exercise helps build healthy bodies and valuable life skills. At Crème de la Crème, we know how important sports and outdoor activities are for development. We believe that young minds are meant to be nurtured academically and encouraged to thrive physically and socially.

Alongside our whole-child programs, we offer gym classes and focus on outdoor activities. This creates a dynamic environment where children can explore, play, and grow. From our well-equipped gyms to our outdoor play areas, we encourage children to move and play. Engaging in sports and games enhances their physical health, coordination, and teamwork skills. Are you curious about whether Crème de la Crème is a good fit for your child?

A young child playing tennis

The Importance of Sport for Kids

Participating in sports and physical activities is essential for young children, as doing so helps them develop physically, emotionally, and socially. At Crème de la Crème, we know sports and playing outdoors helps shape well-rounded, confident children. Here are some benefits of exercise and how we incorporate them into our gym and outdoor programs:

Improves Physical Fitness

At Crème de la Crème, our gym and outdoor activities are all about building physical fitness. We do this by offering two hours a day of active playtime. This includes organized sports and unstructured play to help stay healthy and build an active lifestyle. Here, kids can run wild and burn off excess energy, helping them maintain a healthy weight. These activities can also improve cardiovascular health, strength, and overall physical well-being.

Improves Focus

Playing outdoors allows kids to burn off steam and excess energy. Exercising can also channel feelings of stress or anger in a healthy way, making children feel more relaxed and better able to focus in class. This improved concentration can help them succeed academically.

Builds Coordination and Motor Skills

We’ve designed our gym and outdoor programs to improve specific skills. These include building your child’s coordination and fine motor skills. Kids participate in activities that require balance, running, and jumping. The purpose of this is to enhance their hand-eye coordination and overall motor skills.

Encourages Teamwork and Social Skills

Sports and outdoor play provide an opportunity for social interaction, teaching kids valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Our gym and outdoor activities encourage children to work together. We teach them to share, listen to others, and build strong social bonds with their peers so they can make lifelong friendships.

Teaches Self-Discipline

Engaging in sports can teach kids about self-discipline by encouraging them to listen, follow rules, and respect guidelines. They learn why it’s important to play fair. This is a helpful lesson that extends beyond sports and can benefit them later in life. 

Builds Confidence

We structure our gym and outdoor programs to boost children’s self-esteem and confidence. Kids learn to take risks and understand the consequences of their actions. Overcoming physical challenges and achieving milestones in sports can be incredibly empowering, giving children confidence in other areas of their lives and building their leadership skills. Other skills, such as decision-making and problem-solving, can extend to all aspects of life.

Creates Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Engaging in exercise and physical activity at a young age helps kids form good habits early on. At Crème de la Crème, we promote the importance of staying active. We teach kids that they need more than exercise alone to build a healthy lifestyle. We also encourage them to eat nutritious foods that nurture their bodies and minds.

Helps With Emotional Regulation

Sports can be an outlet for managing and regulating emotions. Playing a sport teaches kids how to better control their emotions. At the very least, it helps them channel their feelings in a constructive way. Children must cope with wins and losses, frustrations, and excitement, which helps them understand and learn how to regulate their feelings while building resilience. Emotional regulation is a valuable skill that will serve them well beyond the boundaries of the school grounds.

Instills an Appreciation for Nature

Outdoor activities help foster an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. When kids spend time playing and having fun outside, they’re away from digital distractions. This encourages them to use their imaginations to have fun. Connecting with the natural environment helps children discover and learn more about the world around them.

Facilities and Features for Outdoor Play

At Creme de la Crème, we have a diverse range of outdoor equipment, which allows us to different ages, interests, and stages of development. The facilities and features available vary depending on the location of the school. However, you can expect to find play areas that include the following:

  • Baseball diamonds.
  • Age-appropriate play structures.
  • Open play spaces.
  • Soccer fields.
  • Splash parks.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Basketball courts.

Beyond Sports: A Well-Rounded Education

In addition to our gym and outdoor programs, we offer a diverse learning experience. This includes programs for infants, toddlers, and kindergarteners. We recognize that a well-rounded education is not only about physical development but also about promoting cognitive, creative, and social growth. That’s why we offer a host of enrichment programs covering art, cooking, music, and other activities. Our holistic approach helps children thrive in all aspects of their lives, setting them on a path to a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling future.

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At Crème de la Crème, we’re committed to nurturing development in a wholesome and holistic way. We believe that providing a full scope of education, including sports, is key, as this sets a strong foundation for confident, well-rounded children. Are you interested in enrolling your child at Crème de la Crème? Visit your nearest school, and schedule a tour today to experience our exceptional gym and outdoor programs. Chat with us about enrolling your child today so we can tell you more about our comprehensive educational approach that covers all aspects of your child’s growth.