Chanhassen, MN, is a hub for creative and educational activities for children, especially when it comes to music. For parents looking to introduce their kids to the world of music, Chanhassen offers a variety of music classes that cater to different ages and interests. From piano and violin to voice lessons, these classes are designed to nurture your child’s musical talent in a fun and engaging environment. Let’s explore some of the best music classes for kids in and around Chanhassen, MN.

A piano's keyboard during a music lesson in Chanhassen, MN

Kindermusik With Friends

Kindermusik With Friends offers a comprehensive music and movement program for newborns to children aged 6.5 years. The curriculum is developed by childhood experts, including music educators and pediatric psychologists, to support children’s development through music. Each class includes a variety of music, instrument play, and movement, all in a fun and nurturing environment.

MacPhail Center for Music – Chanhassen

The MacPhail Center for Music in Chanhassen provides individual music lessons for beginning to advanced students. Their experienced faculty offers lessons in various instruments, including piano, violin, and voice. The center focuses on student-centered learning, allowing each child to develop their musical skills at their own pace.

Music Together Lakeside

Music Together Lakeside offers music and movement classes for children ages 0-8. Their classes, including Mixed Ages (0-5) and Rhythm Kids (5-8), provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn about music. The program is designed to nurture children’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement.

Kiddywampus – Wee Bop

Kiddywampus offers the Wee Bop music class, a popular choice for engaging toddlers in music. The class includes singing, dancing, playing instruments, and other fun activities. It’s designed for children aged 15 months to 3 years and focuses on high-energy, interactive musical learning.

Sing, Dance, Play! at Kiddywampus

Sing, Dance, Play! is a class offered by Kiddywampus for children aged 6 months to 5 years. The class activities promote the development of motor skills through playing various instruments and dancing. It’s a great option for families with more than one child, as it caters to different age groups in one class.

Instrument Adventures at Kiddywampus

Instrument Adventures is another class offered by Kiddywampus, targeting children aged 2-5 years. The class introduces a different instrument each week, ranging from percussion to band and orchestra instruments. It’s an excellent way for children to explore various instruments and discover their interests.

In conclusion, Chanhassen, MN, offers a variety of music classes for kids, each designed to foster a love for music and develop musical skills in a fun and supportive environment. Whether your child is just starting to explore music or looking to advance their skills, there’s a class in Chanhassen that’s perfect for them. And for families in Chanhassen, Crème de la Crème daycare center provides a nurturing environment where children can continue to learn and grow, inspired by the musical opportunities around them. See information on our summer camp program!

Photo by Ebuen Clemente Jr on Unsplash